Your first safari will always be the most memorable. The feeling of seeing wild animals roaming freely in their natural habitat is a humbling one, made even better from the comfort of your luxury safari lodge. While there are many luxurious African safari lodges out there, who better to lavish you than Belmond?

This summer, Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge reopened its doors to guests after undergoing a full redesign. The safari lodge located in Chobe National Park, Botswana unveiled a new look that not only featured top-to-bottom refreshed interiors but also exteriors with a big focus on sustainable features.

Belmond commissioned Inge Moore from Muza Lab to work on the interiors, which is “visually calming yet dramatic, filled with rich textures and colours” to reflect its earthy surroundings. Bright pops of colours can be seen throughout the room to contrast with the natural landscape of the national park.

Perhaps the biggest focus of the Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge’s redesign is on eco-sustainability. All concrete was removed from the principal areas of the deck and replaced with eco-friendly composite bamboo, and the lodge now also operates on a 95% solar grid system.

“I have a huge love and respect for nature and the wilderness; it’s something we as humans need to cherish and protect – so being able to design a project in the Savute is a real passion; honour and a huge responsibility,” said Moore.


The pool area at the Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge.


Guests can mingle in the common area and look out towards the safari.


The luxurious room features a handsome four-poster bed, writing table, and bright splashes of colour to avoid mundanity.


Dine with stunning views to the sunset and wild animals in the distance.


The Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge is located at the “elephant capital of the world” — naturally you will see many of these gentle giants here.


The main deck area, where concrete has been replaced with composite bamboo in the bid for sustainability.


Swim in the pool, metres away from the elephants in their natural state.

PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
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