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Best cities to visit to count down towards the New Year

Christmas is finally in full swing and in a few days, it’ll be time to break out the champagne and cheer to a brand new year. There have always been a few cities around the world that really know how to throw a party when it comes to ushering in the New Year.

Each country has its very own representative that leads the charge for ringing in what many would consider a reset from its previous year. As countless others are busy deciding on what their New Year’s resolution would be, many more would already be making last-minute travel plans to some of these cities.

One of it would definitely be New York City, with the main party being held in Times Square each year. Another favourite will be London with the River Thames providing a picturesque backdrop for the fireworks.

Here are some other cities that know how to party during the New Year, and it’ll only take a few hours by flight.


One cannot look at this list and not consider Sydney, Australia. It’s the first major city in the world to greet the New Year. While there isn’t an elaborate party to go along with it, what Sydney does well with its landmarks is utilise it to its fullest potential. At the stroke of midnight, the Sydney Harbour takes centre stage with an extravagant display of fireworks while the Opera House and Harbour Bridge provide an almost perfect backdrop to cap it off.


Dubai is without a doubt, one of the grandest cities in the world. Dubai has been the place to be for the past few years, with its luxury shopping malls, enthralling series of skyscrapers, and luxury shopping malls. Come New Years Eve, Dubai’s most iconic building, the Burj Khalifa, goes up in full spectrum. It is as attention-grabbing as almost the entire city and when it rings in the New Year, a spectacular display of fireworks light up the night sky while the Burj Khalifa stands there in full display for everyone to see.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is another popular destination that sees plenty of tourists all year round, especially during New Years Eve. Around this time, throngs of tourists would flock towards the Victoria Harbour, which plays host to the New Year’s celebration each year. What makes this location ideal is the wide array of hotels that surround Victoria Harbour with Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong and The Langham Hong Kong amongst many others.


Bangkok, Thailand is known for many things, among them being the amazing nightlife as well as a thriving dining scene. Naturally, this would be the perfect place in Southeast Asia to usher in the new year. At the heart of its all is CentralWorld Plaza, one of Bangkok’s most popular shopping malls, which plays a pivotal role in the celebrations. Asiatique along the Chao Phraya River is another favourite that many would gather at to join in on the festivities. If you are looking for something new, Iconsiam will enchant you as the city’s largest commercial complex.

New York

New York is also known as the Big Apple and what many claim to be the “greatest city in the world.” Every year, Times Square in Manhattan plays host to the yearly New Year’s Eve celebrations, which sees people from all walks of life making their way to the iconic New York landmark. Every year since 1907, the ball is dropped on New Year, which many can also view through a televised broadcast if you’re unfortunate enough to be there.

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