This November, one of the best bars in the world opened in Sydney. Employees Only, originally from New York had opened several outposts around the world including Singapore and Hong Kong. It made perfect sense that they would open in one of the hottest cities for cocktails. Employees Only in Sydney is set to feature the same signature cocktails as its original bar, plus a New York-style bistro dining and art deco interiors. But wait — the other bars in Sydney don’t disappoint too.

Before you head on to a bar hopping trail in Sydney, there is one rule you need to know. In a designated area in the Sydney central business district, the local council has imposed a “lockout” at 1.30am. This means, no one may enter any bars after that period, and no existing patrons can re-enter after that time. Last call for drinks is at 3 am. The areas encompassing these lockout areas include King’s Cross, Darlinghurst, Cockle Bay, The Rocks, and Haymarket. These laws have been implemented to reduce alcohol-fuelled violence.

Don’t let that scare you off, because these cocktail bars in Sydney are worth getting an early head start for. Here are some of the best bars to get a cocktail (or several) in Sydney.


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