Road trips are fun, but driving for several hours is not. Luckily for us in Malaysia, we never have to drive too long to have a fun excursion out. While most of us city dwellers are often stuck within the Klang Valley, travelling for day trips in Selangor can offer you an extreme change of scenery. In fact, you won’t even realise that you’re actually still within the state.

What you can do on these day trips in Selangor is very much nature-related. Within the Klang Valley you have high-rise buildings, rooftop restaurants, and all the bubble tea shops you can imagine — including the traffic. Outside of it, with less intense development, nature still prevails.

These are the places you go to hike, visit eco parks, traverse the many waterfalls, and of course — dine like a king. While you may feast on fine food in the Klang Valley, these provincial areas offer more history and depth in the specialty dishes they serve. Take Banting’s iconic “beggar chicken” dish, for example. Not a dish that you can easily find elsewhere, this whole baked chicken is buried under layers of soil and hot charcoal and takes 24 hours to cook. It’s a traditional method of cooking that most modern cooks have discarded in the pursuit of efficiency and time.

So take on a short excursion out of the Klang Valley the next time you’re hankering for a break, and drive out for these day trips in Selangor.