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The best hiking trails around Klang Valley with amazing views

With the new year already upon us, it’s time to try and live up to the new years resolutions of getting healthy and fit. There are many ways to do that with going to the gym and combat training being some of the most effective ways. However, if you’re looking for something that’s equally satisfying to the body, soul, and mind with a killer view to boot, Malaysia is home to some really great hiking trails that are sure to astound with its panoramic vistas.

Hiking is a great form of exercise as it works out both your upper and lower body thoroughly. Fresh air is also a plus point as you will be surrounded by nature on all sides. This works out well especially for nature enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for great spots for a hike. Unfortunately, the downside to finding the best hiking trails will always be outside of the city area so you will have to brace through a long drive to get there.

Fortunately, if you’re the type to want to catch the sunrise at the peak of the hike, traffic will be clear all the way. Scroll on down to check out some of the best hiking trails with amazing views around Klang Valley.

Broga Hill

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When you talk about hiking trails around the Klang Valley, Broga Hill will always have its say. Broga is actually a small town in Semenyih, which is about 40 minutes away from the city centre. Broga Hill is known for its stunning views of the sunrise so be sure to get there early as the hike up could take even a seasoned professional about an hour. This is due to its steep incline, which will be strenuous on the legs. Broga Hill stands at 400m tall and its summit provides an unobstructed view of the skyline.

Klang Gates Quartz Ridge

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While its name is a mouthful, don’t let the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge fool you. It stands at 446m tall with the entire ridge ranging to 14km. It’s also suited to more experienced hikers as the trail is of quartz dyke with steep rock faces and narrow pathways. Hiking here is also only allowed on the weekends and is ideal seeing as its within the city area, right behind Zoo Negara. This gives you a sublime view of the city on one side while the other overlooks a reservoir.

Bukit Gasing

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Bukit Gasing is the only area on this list that resides within the city, located on the border between Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. Its 100-hectare forest reserve features numerous paths for one to choose from, most of which are jungle trails. It also boasts a few vantage points, which give you a good view of the city. Bukit Gasing also offers a truly authentic jungle experience amidst its city surroundings. There is also a rope bridge to cross from one ravine to the other, thus making the experience all the more worthwhile.

Chiling Waterfall

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The name Chiling Waterfall is a little bit on the nose with the hike resulting in a three-tier waterfall to congratulate you on your efforts. It’s suited more towards seasoned hikers with a total trail time of at least three hours. This includes wading through five different river crossings before reaching the waterfall. You may need to drive quite a fair distance as its located at Kuala Kubu Bharu, slightly outside of the Klang Valley perimeters. Chiling Waterfall is also one of the few places that open three times a week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The best hiking trails around Klang Valley with amazing views

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