In an age where self-care is a daily mantra that needs to be repeated every second of the day, it’s imperative that you treat yourself every now and then. We’re not just talking about that quick lunchtime facial treatment — we’re talking about booking yourself a nice weekend vacation that involves the spa, pool, and not much else. How about destination spas in Cambodia for the upcoming long weekend?

While we know that staycations are in all the rage now, sometimes you just want to flash your passport at the airport and get out of the country. Call it a mini vacation if you will, just not one that involves more than a four-hour flight and too much itinerary planning. That’s precisely what makes destination spas in Cambodia such a great idea: you don’t have to fly too far away, yet you get to immerse yourself in a completely different country and be pampered all weekend long with spa treatments, wellness activities and some quiet time.

If what we’re saying isn’t enough to entice you, then we’re sure the following gorgeous images of four destination spas in Cambodia will do the trick. Take your pick from the private island of Song Saa with its ethical resort to the serene paddy fields of Phum Baitang. If you’d like to stay within Siem Reap, there’s the ever-captivating Amansara that was once a guest residence of the royal household, or the Navutu Dreams which looks like a chic resort right out of Santorini. By the end of the slideshow, we’re sure you’ll be booking a destination spa retreat soon.