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Check out: Queenstown, the perfect holiday destination in New Zealand

New Zealand is a popular tourist destination with many attractions around the nation. Comprising both the North and South Island as well as being surrounded by over 600 smaller islands, New Zealand is a treat for many adventurers who are looking to take a walk on the wild (and picturesque) side of life. While the north does hold promise for many, it is in the South Island where you can get the most out of your travels. Queenstown in particular is a place that many should visit at least once in their lives.

The North Island is home to two of its most populous cities – Auckland and Wellington, but it is at Queenstown in South Island where travellers go to seek adventure. A resort town in Otago, Queenstown resides around an inlet on Lake Wakatipu and has breathtaking views of the many nearby mountains. With wildlife being in the surrounding areas, it’s no wonder Queenstown is known for its many intrepid escapades.


Acai bowls are just one of the items available at Bespoke Kitchen.

With brunch culture being a part of a Kiwi’s everyday life, it’s no surprise that there are many brunch cafés in Queenstown and all over New Zealand. Bespoke Kitchen does just that with its seasonal menus offering the best produce the country has to offer. Located no less than five minutes from central Queenstown, Bespoke Kitchen’s menu focuses on healthy eating without compromising on its flavour. It keeps its ingredients local, fresh, and unprocessed, ensuring that your brunch will be one to remember. Be sure to check out its breakfast and lunch boards, which include a wide range of items in a single order.

Once again, Rata was voted as one of the top 100 restaurants in New Zealand.

For a fine dining option, Rata is the place to be with its rustic yet comfortable setting. Its warm and earthy tones used for the décor is directly influenced by the Otago scenery with plenty of natural wood. Rata is helmed by Michelin-starred chef Josh Emett, who draws inspiration from the southern landscapes of Queenstown and its wine list is entirely dedicated to the wineries from the Otago region and greater New Zealand. Rata also offers plenty of choices on its menu ranging from set meals to lunches and dinner menus. Its feast menu, on the other hand, comprises at least ten dishes in total with various bites and sharing platters to choose from.


Oaks Shores prides itself on its tranquil environment and atmosphere.

Being a popular tourist destination, Queenstown is no stranger to a wide variety of hotels. One such location will be Oaks Shores, which is situated right by the lakefront. Oaks Shores offers not only hotel rooms but also apartments and penthouses, making it easier to accommodate large groups. Each room offers a great view of Frankton Arm, allowing you to wake up to a view most can only dream of.

Commonage Villas also offers extra services like private chef servicing and ski rentals.

If you’re looking to rent an entire villa, Commonage Villas should be your go-to choice. Designed to be your luxury home away from home, Commonage Villas only has two types available – promenade or grande promenade villas. Fret not, both villas are capable of accommodating between six to eight guests easily. If you’re looking to rest, relax, and recharge with friends and family, this is one destination you should look into.


Bungee jumping is only for the most hardcore of travellers.

Much like the rest of South Island, there is plenty to look forward to in Queenstown. For starters, head over to Gibbston Valley, one of the nearest wineries perched atop the rugged mountains nearby Kawarau Gorge. It’s famous for its pinot noir thanks to the high altitudes as well as diversified climate conditions. You can also take a ride on the skyline gondola to head up to Bob’s Peak, giving you the best panoramic view of the entire town. If you’re looking to carve, look no further than The Remarkables mountain range, a popular spot for skiers and snowboarders.

A view most can only dream about seeing.

Coronet Peak is another suitable choice for both skiers and snowboarders with a wide range of slopes for beginners and professionals. If carving through the ski slopes isn’t your thing, check out The Nevis Bungy and Swing, which is known to be the granddaddy of all bungee jumps in New Zealand. Standing at 134m above ground level, it is the third highest bungee jump in the world. If you’re looking to get into some sightseeing, you can never go wrong with Milford Sound.


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