Imagine this: you book yourself a holiday to one of the most beautiful spas in Asia where rest and relaxation are the only items in the itinerary. You enter the resort, ready to massage away the stress and tension of city life. You close your eyes and immerse yourself in the indulgence that is a spa massage. Halfway through the spa session, your eyes flutter open and you acknowledge for the first time, the beauty that is the spa and its surroundings. You sigh in utter bliss, knowing that whatever stressors your have are far, far away, and the only pressing matter at that moment is which essential oil to pick for your next massage.

Let us snap you out of that reverie for a moment and tell you that scenario is perfectly plausible — your wanderlust is not just limited to Instagram. While you go through the trouble of deciding on a date and purchasing your air ticket, we’ll do the rest of the work and narrow down the list of beautiful spas in Asia to just five for you to pick from. We have spots from the quintessential beach resort to one in the Himalayas, and even one in the city, if nature is not your thing. Wait no more, book a place at these 5 most beautiful spas in Asia.

(Main image credit: Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai)