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What to gift the constant traveller in your life

We all have that one friend that we can never seem to get a hold of because they’re almost always out of the country. Whether for work or holiday, their Instagram account is the perfect curation to evoke an envious sense of wanderlust within you. But because you still love them all the same, they’re on your “nice” list when the holidays roll around. Enter our Christmas 2018 gift guide to point you in the right direction for their present.

Forget the usual mainstream gift ideas like a passport cover or luggage tag — chances are, as a constant traveller, they already have an abundance of those items. Besides, who could bear to use a gorgeous designer luggage tag when it’s in danger of getting lost in transit? For our Christmas 2018 gift guide, we put aside the frivolous items and instead, curate a list that is both useful and beautiful to gift. Ready to shop?

Flight 001 Spacepak Set Plus Camo

If your friend is a neat freak, they will appreciate these packing cubes as a gift. If they’re the messiest traveller you know, then these packing cubes will certainly save their lives. Either way, these Flight 001 camouflage-printed set of packing cubes is a great gift for frequent travellers. The set comes with three differently-sized packing cubes to easily and neatly stow away clothes in luggage bags. Because when you’re constantly on the go, organisation is key. Besides, this will save them the embarrassment of an exploding suitcase, if or when it happens.

RM457, Flight 001


Makeup Eraser

If you wear makeup, you’ll recognise the hassle of removing makeup, double cleansing, and similar difficulties. If the constant traveller you’re planning to buy gifts for wears makeup, do them a world of favour and get them the Makeup Eraser. It may look like a regular cloth, but this towel is made of magic. All they have to do is wet one side of the towel, rub in circular motions on skin, and makeup is magically removed. There’s no need for a makeup remover, which means one less thing to pack.

RM89, Sephora

Diptyque Philosykos Solid Perfume

When travelling with liquids, there’s always a fear at the back of your mind that somewhere in your luggage, something is going leak or break. Help your friend alleviate some of their worries with this solid perfume from Diptyque. This luxurious tablet of perfume smells of Philosykos. It has the fresh scent of fig trees, green fruit, and slight woody tinge.

RM235, Kens Apothecary

Dior Book Tote

Space is everything — for the times when your travelling friend runs out of luggage space, the Dior Book Tote will be able to accommodate more. Roomy, boxy, and big enough to hold one to two change of clothes, this luxurious tote bag will be a high fashion statement piece for your friend to bring to the airport. Several boutiques around the world offer a customisation service as well, so they can choose what lettering to have on the Book Tote.

(price unavailable), Dior

Mophie Powerstation XL External Battery

Running out of juice with no charging station in sight is any traveller’s nightmare. That’s where external batteries — or power banks if you like — come in handy. This Mophie external battery packs a punch at 10,000mAh and will fuel your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, and other mobile devices. The best part is that it looks sleek while being durable with an aluminium finish. It’s the perfect travel companion.

RM349, Lazada

The Art of Alchemy Dream Mask

You’ll probably never want to use another sleep mask once you’ve tried this luxuriously soft piece from The Art of Alchemy. Your friend won’t too, and red-eye flights will never be the same for them once they had a feel of this silk mask. The Art of Alchemy’s Dream Mask is designed to be light-blocking and beautifying thanks to its aloe and Vitamin C microencapsulated fabric. The adjustable straps also mean that it can be adjusted to fit perfectly around the head without having it press uncomfortably against the ears. We’re asking you to get this for your friend, but you’ll probably want to get one for yourself too.

RM1,000, The Art of Alchemy

This Works Big Bang set

This Works’ Deep Sleep Pillow Spray has been a cult favourite, putting tired people to sleep everywhere. Travelling between time zones can be demanding, and sleep is always essential. With this Big Bang set that comes with an eye mask and 10ml of the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, your constantly-travelling friend will be able to get all the rest they need. Simply spritz onto the pillow, take a deep breath, and snooze.

RM77, Sephora

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds

One of the most important things to pack while travelling is a good pair of earphones. Whether it’s headphones or earbuds, one thing’s for sure — they need to be noise-cancelling and wireless. Enter this new release from Sennheiser. They’re an extremely comfortable fit and offer great passive noise isolation without using up too much power. The sound quality is impeccable without having too much of a thumping bass, making it comfortable and relaxing. Oh, and it lasts for 12 full hours too.

(price unavailable), Sennheiser

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