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Here’s how to apply for home quarantine when you return to Malaysia

In lieu of isolating in a hotel, citizens, PR and MM2H holders can apply for home quarantine when they return to Malaysia.

International travel under the spectre of Covid-19 and its many guises like Delta and Omicron just isn’t fun. Apart from professional administered nasal invasions one has to endure, there is also the additional cost of booking these PCR diagnostics, enrolling into a travel insurance that covers medical expenses should one unfortunately catches the nasty virus on foreign soil, and when one returns to Malaysia, the multi-day quarantine one has to go through. 

While returning travellers can choose to quarantine at designated hotels – a wise choice if there are vulnerable family members at home – there is the cost-effective option to continue observing quarantine at home.  

What are the prerequisites for home quarantine in Malaysia? 

Locals or foreign citizens (PR and MM2H holders) who have a residence in Malaysia, a negative Covid-19 test result, and complete Covid-19 vaccination

However, fulfilling those criteria isn’t a guarantee of home quarantine. The Ministry of Health will further evaluate the following: numbers of people living at the residence, how many of those are over 60 years old, children under the age of 12, experiencing chronic illnesses and pregnancies. It is also contingent on numbers of rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms with en suite bathrooms at the residence. 

When to apply for home quarantine? 

It should be between 4 and 10 days prior to the arrival date. The reason being the approval is only valid for one month and once, according to a circular issued by the Prime Minister’s Department as of January 4. 

How to apply for home quarantine? 

Ensure you have the personal particulars of the traveller (you may apply on behalf of family members), including full name, NRIC or passport number, nationality, date of birth, vaccine type, and supporting documents (identification, vaccination, approval of entry for non-citizens, flight tickets and others deemed appropriate) in JPG, PNG or PDF format.  

For the vaccination certificate, it must be issued in English or Malay, possessing identification details, type of vaccine and dates of inoculation of the first and second doses.  

Click here to submit your application. 

Take down the home quarantine application (HQA) reference number. It is required for when you intend to check on the application status. 

Click here to check on the application status. 


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