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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Best gifts for your travel buddy

We all have at least one friend who sleeps in hotel rooms more than they do in their own bed. Constantly travelling isn’t always a stress-free thing, which is why you should get your traveller friend some nice presents this festive season. Our Holiday Gift Guide 2019 for the traveller will ensure they receive not just nice things but also practical ones.

From nifty gadgets to pampering kits, this gift guide is going to make your life that much easier when it comes to thinking of suitable gifts for the constant traveller. Ready your wallets – we’re going to start shopping:


Skincare woes are the bane of every traveller’s existence. Save your friend’s skin and then some more with the Aesop Departure Travel Kit. This gorgeous set contains non-drying hand sanitiser, lip cream, toothpaste, rose water facial spritz, and more to keep skin calm and happy throughout their travels.

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Similar to vinyl records, film cameras are enjoying a new vintage revival in our modern times. Fujifilm has always been at the pinnacle of it with its cute yet stylish Instax instant film cameras. If the regular Instax is too cute for your friend to handle, then this Neo Classic version will be perfect. It takes on the vintage look with modern tech – the perfect gadget to bring during their travels.

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Sure, a Kindle is great for the friend who enjoys reading on their travels, but an iPad Air can do so much more – just read our review here. It’s the perfect gadget for work and play with the added benefit of being light and sleek.

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Reduce your friend’s carbon footprint and waste on their travels with this smart self-cleaning water bottle from LARQ. It might not be the most affordable reusable water bottle around, but this one makes up for it with a self-cleaning application every two hours thanks to a portable digital water purification system and the brand’s patented UV-C LED technology. That aside, it’s also a gorgeous-looking insulated water bottle that will keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

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Long transits can be boring, so make it a fun time with the new Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s more compact in comparison to its predecessor, the Nintendo Switch, which makes it a handier gadget to carry on your friend’s travels.

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Space is key when it comes to travelling, even if you’re flying Business. With the Voyageur Just In Case Travel Backpack from Tumi, you don’t have to worry about that. Despite its small size, it’s extremely roomy while looking sleek. It also has a back sleeve for you to slide onto your suitcase handle. The best part is that it can be folded flat, so your traveller friend can easily pack it into her luggage when not in use.

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If your friend is a watch enthusiast and always carries more than one timepiece on their travels, it’s safe to say that this leather watch roll from Wolf will be an extremely practical gift. It’s hand-crafted from smooth leather and lined with ultrasuede. There’s space for up to three watches to ensure that your friend’s precious watches are protected during their travels.

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