Where does one have a relaxing drink after an exhausting afternoon while exploring Asia, or to soak in the beauty of a city’s skyline? If you find yourself in the bustling city of Shanghai, make a quick escape to the highest rooftop bar in China – Flair. Here you’ll find yourself with breathtaking views of the Huangpu River. For the party animal, we’d recommend dancing the night away on rooftop bars at Aer in Mumbai, or The Roof in Beirut.

Rooftop bars have also stepped up their game to provide guests delicious bites to complement a brilliant view and drinks. SEVVA in Hong Kong is a particular stand-out with a menu that reflects the city’s vibrant, cultural diversity – our pick? The delectable lobster and seafood crackle rice, to go with a glass of white wine, of course.

From Vietnam to Lebanon, here are the top suggestions specially curated by The Rooftop Guide – the world’s biggest guide and website dedicated to rooftop bars.