Cape Town is synonymous with South Africa. After all, it’s only the second largest city in the country after Johannesburg. If you happen to be making a trip there, close the tabs on your usual luxury hotels. Instead, try out the newly-introduced luxe tier of Airbnb Plus homes.

Since the introduction of Airbnb’s luxury arm, the travel possibilities are endless. One might ask: “But why would I live in someone’s home when I can stay in the best five-star hotel?”

That is a fair point. However, living in a luxury hotel merely provides you with a rose-tinted view of the city you’re travelling to — in this case, Cape Town. It doesn’t actually give you an actual taste of what the locals experience. But staying in an Airbnb home offers you a glimpse of what life is really like in the city.

Staying in an Airbnb Plus home is an added perk, as you get to live through not just any local — but also a wealthy one. These seven Airbnb Plus homes that we’ve picked are some of the very best. From modern oceanfront villas to historical houses, these spots are as beautiful as they are opulent. Browse away.