There’s nothing quite like the end-of-year holidays. All the festivities are combined and everyone just wants to blow off some steam. Splurging on a big holiday just seems like the best way to wrap up what seems like a long, long year. What better way to end the year than with a lavish trip to Europe? But we know long-haul flights can be tiresome, which is why we want you to know that Cathay Pacific has introduced some new direct flights to Europe.

During summer this year, Cathay Pacific announced that they would be launching non-stop routes linking Hong Kong with Brussels, Dublin, and Copenhagen. These new destinations will join the list of other European destinations that Cathay Pacific already offers, including Rome, Madrid, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, and more. “We’re excited to offer the only direct flights between Hong Kong and Brussels, Dublin and Copenhagen. These are all fantastic destinations and attract business and leisure travellers from the world over,” said Cathay Pacific chief executive officer Rupert Hogg.

While travellers will still need to make a stopover in Hong Kong, it is definitely less taxing than a stopover in the Middle East. Hong Kong is in familiar territories, which means that you’ll never feel too out of place when transiting. Afterwards, it’ll be a smooth, direct journey to your next destination in Europe.

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