When legendary architect I.M.Pei added the glass pyramids at the Louvre Museum in Paris in 1989, he envisioned it to be a controversial intervention that will put Paris back as the global epicenter of modern art and culture for a long time. Today, at the age of 100, Pei is witnessing the immense popularity of his architecture that has since captivated millions of visitors around the world.

Museums are iconic landmarks. They are technically an archival repository for objects and discoveries of cultural and historical importance. It has been their role for centuries to preserve, safeguard, research and present the valued items to the public for the purpose of education, awareness and viewing pleasure.

The contribution, which museums make to tourism, especially in cultural heritage tourism, has been significant. A study on this billion-dollar tourism sector in the UK shows that eight out of 10 UK visitor attractions are museums and galleries. The importance of museums is also recognised through its social, economic, educational and cultural impacts.

It’s little wonder then that top architects around the world are being roped in to design museums in major cities. Unbeknownst to many, design elites have been silently competing to leave a legacy through these impressive structures.

As you plan your year-end vacation, spare some time to check out at least one museum in the city; whether it is the colossal Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or the British Museum in London. And if you’ve done pretty much everything from The Louvre to National Museum of Singapore, check out these new noteworthy museums you have to visit in 2018.