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Our 7 favourite pavilions at Dubai Expo 2021

The Dubai Expo couldn’t take place last year as the world battled the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the expo is back with its latest edition in 2021 and is the first one to be taking place in the Middle East.

Bringing forth the best of entertainment, culture and innovation, Dubai Expo 2021 — which began on 1 October 2021 and will come to a conclusion on 31 March 2022 — is all set to regale visitors. Aimed at giving Dubai tourism an energetic boost, the Dubai Expo 2021 not only hosts 192 country pavilions, but will also entertain guests with over 60 live events and satiate their appetites with at least 200 eateries.

While you may need a few days to be able to see all the pavilions at the Expo, if you are short on time, then here are seven of the best pavilions you can visit at Dubai Expo 2021.


Dubai Expo 2021
Image credit: Expo 2020 Dubai

Experience a mix of culture, art, cinema, literature and cuisine from 36 states and Union Territories at the India Pavilion of Dubai Expo 2021. Located next to the Opportunity district of the Expo, the theme of this pavilion is “Openness. Opportunity. Growth.” At this 4-floor pavilion, witness “Space, Art, Tourism, Culture, Landscape – all under one roof, merging together beautifully to give you the true taste of diversity in its own right.”

One of the best features to look out for is the façade of the pavilion. It is made of 600 individual blocks that create moving patterns to showcase the 75 years of India’s independence. In the evenings, enjoy the light and sound projections on this façade. India is also home to one of the biggest movie industries in the world and you can catch screenings of over 100 Indian films at the pavilion. Don’t forget to try the variety of food and beverages from different cities.

For more details, please visit the India Pavilion website.


Dubai Expo 2021
Image credit: Expo 2020 Dubai

Malaysia – Truly Asia. The net-zero carbon pavilion focusses on a blend of different cultures and heritage. With the theme ‘Energising Sustainability,’ the country is showcasing its commitment to “balance socio-economic progress with environmental concerns, to ensure a secure and sustainable future.” The sustainability pavilion has a campaign called #MyButterflyEffect that aims to get people thinking about sustainable development via new thinking, new actions and new outcomes.

The design of Malaysia Pavilion is inspired by the country’s rainforest and divided in four segments — Energising Business, Energising Harmony, Energising Today and Energising Tomorrow. It is designed by Malaysian award-winning firm Hijjas Architects + Planners and spread across 1,234 square metres.

For more details, please visit the Malaysia Pavilion website.


Dubai Expo 2021
Image credit: Expo 2020 Dubai

The mobility pavilion by Croatia aims to highlight the different aspects of the country. Working upon the theme ‘Great minds who influenced today’s world,’ the pavilion is inspired by some of Croatia’s greatest minds and how they influenced global culture, arts and resources.

Experience Croatian culture, landscape and nature like never before. Be prepared to learn some fun facts about history, nature and science.

For more details, please visit the Croatia Pavilion.


Dubai Expo 2021
Image credit: Expo 2020 Dubai

The Thailand Pavilion welcomes all its visitors with the perfect confluence of technology and traditional charm. Apart from discovering Thailand’s creative advancements in transportation, logistics, digital connectivity and personal mobility, guests can also contribute their own flower engravings in Thailand pavilion’s garden.

The theme of the 3,600-square-metre pavilion is ‘Mobility for the future’ and focusses on highlighting the country’s latest economic model — Thailand 4.0, a 20-year strategic plan whose purpose is to fortify various sectors using innovation and technology.

Some highlights of the pavilion are an exquisite art feature, titled ‘The Miracle of Smiles’ — a stunning façade of 500 artificial dok rak, or crown flowers, woven together to welcome everyone, and a 360 adventure throughout Thailand.

For more details, please visit the Thailand Pavilion.


Singapore Pavilion
Image credit: Expo 2020 Dubai

Staying true to its theme ‘Nature. Nurture. Future.’ nature and architecture come together to create a breathtaking spectacle. Singapore’s net-zero energy pavilion aims at putting to fore the country’s urban innovation. Designed by WOHA, the pavilion explores Singapore’s journey on the path of liveability and resilience.

The Singapore Pavilion offers an immersive three-dimensional greenery experience; a rainforest that doesn’t consume any energy and is powered by a self-sustaining ecosystem. Last but not the least, the country’s rich heritage is depicted through cultural programs, exhibitions and flavours.

The Sky Market — an open, multi-purpose deck on top of Garden Cones and sheltered by a solar canopy — shouldn’t be missed either. Garden Cones are a series of sculpted structures embodying vertical greenery and form the centrepieces of the pavilion. Visitors can also take a stroll in the City in a Garden: a three-dimensional green area replete with forest trees.

For more details, please visit the Singapore Pavilion website.


Canada pavilion
Image credit: Expo 2020 Dubai

The Canada Pavilion is a symbol of collaboration towards a better future. Its ‘Canada: the future in mind’ theme ensures that visitors are given a ride through Canada’s past, present and possible future. Through this immersive journey, guests will discover the crucial values that drive forward Canada’s spirit of innovation and collaboration.

A wooden structure drawing inspiration from Canadian landscape and Middle-Eastern architecture, the 360 degrees theatre shows Canada’s story and some scintillating night-time views. The pavilion is designed by renowned architects Moriyama and Teshima.

For more details, please visit the Canada Pavilion website.


Belgium pavilion
Image credit: Expo 2020 Dubai

The Belgium Pavilion stresses upon ‘Diversity in Harmony’. Also known as the Green Arch, it is a symbol of Belgium’s industrial, technological and scientific advancement. The pavilion reflects ‘belgitude’: a blend of Latin romanticism in art and Anglo-Saxon technical precision in industry.

Don’t forget to visit the Waiting Line — an interactive and informative exhibit showcasing the past, present and future of mobility in Belgium. The Belgian Chocolate Shop and Gift Shop are where you can buy authentic Belgian products like chocolates, watches, jewellery and candles.

Visitors can also enjoy their time in the lounge area on the terrace or taste some exquisite delicacies from the brasserie and take away kiosk.

For more details, please visit the Belgium Pavilion website.

You can virtually visit all the country pavilions here.

Main and Featured image: Expo 2020 Dubai

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