Sure, our country may be home to some of the best beaches and diving spots in the world, but we don’t lose out much when it comes to greenery as well. You might have already checked in to some of these luxury resorts by the rainforest, so why not take it one step further and check out these national parks in Malaysia? Did you know that there are over 30 national parks in our expansive rainforests that span the Peninsular as well as East Malaysia? That’s a lot of national parks to visit, but we’ll be narrowing it down to some of the best and most beautiful national parks you absolutely must head to.

Visiting these national parks in Malaysia is essential in allowing you to experience the raw nature of our flora and fauna. Being up close and personal truly allows you to appreciate the abundance of greenery our country has to offer, including the weird and wonderful species of animals native to our land. Besides, how many city dwellers can actually say that they’ve seen the Rafflesia flower in the flesh (and smell its pungency) or walked through the canopies of trees in Taman Negara? Not more than a handful, in fact.

While the national parks already have clearly laid out trekking trails for visitors, it would be wise to engage guides if you’re planning to explore more. Some of these national parks offer more than just a hike through the forest — you can visit Orang Asli (the indigenous tribes) villages, go bird-watching, canoe through the rivers, or take river cruises to see more flora and fauna in a leisurely manner.

Ready to take on the rainforests of Malaysia and all it has to offer? See below for our recommendations on which national parks in Malaysia you should visit.