We always look forward to a holiday or a quick getaway, but there’s one thing we all dread: the packing and unpacking part. The process of lugging out the suitcase, planning your outfits and shoes, sealing your skincare so it doesn’t spill are just examples of things we don’t want to deal with.

While we can’t escape the dreaded packing process for longer holidays, at least we can ease it for quick weekend getaways. Designer totes will be your saving grace — simply toss your overnight essentials inside, and you’re good to go.

Not only are you minimising your carry-on luggage, you’re also going to look stylish just toting your designer bag around the airport. Is it a case of form following function, or vice versa? Nonetheless, we always welcome products that has more than one function. In this case, designer totes that can also double as an overnight bag.

Below, we’ve compiled five designer totes for you to lug your stuff on board the plane. The only thing they all have in common is that they are large. Other than that, they range from pieces that are all-round classic like the Hermes Oxer, unisex like the Givenchy Nightingale, and downright blatantly in-your-face like the Balenciaga Bazar tote.