Minimal homes with no clutter are great and all, but it lacks one very crucial thing: character. Sure, it may look great on Instagram but give yourself six months and you’ll begin to feel that things are starting to get rather sterile. A home should be an extension of your personality and tell the tales of your life — this means little bits and bobs that carry a history behind them. One great way to show that off is by picking up something during your travels, and where better to pick them up than at some of the best vintage markets in the world?

But wait — that doesn’t mean we’re giving you the green light to go all out and fill your home with bric-a-brac that you’ll never fully appreciate. These items that you procure need to spark joy within yourself, and just the right amount of stuff will give your home character instead of a feature on an episode of Hoarders.

Below is a list of the best vintage markets you need to visit around the world — if you happen to be in those cities. What better way to pick up the most unique piece of antique furniture or collectables than from a vintage market far away from home? Perhaps you might even come across an antique book which happens to be a collector’s edition or even find that rare vinyl record you’ve been wanting. When shopping at vintage markets, it’s all about chance — and you can only get it when you take the time to peruse. So go on and take your time at these best vintage markets in the world.