Most would feel that boutique hotels are synonymous with budget ones. But they actually just mean smaller hotels that have 10 to 100 rooms. A smaller hotel also means fewer people, more privacy, and personalised service for you. These boutique hotels in Chiang Mai are precisely that — chic resorts with a handful of rooms.

You can also pick your favourite locations in Chiang Mai. Do you prefer staying in the city, or out of the city where the paddy fields span far and wide? The northern Thailand state is a beautiful one where lush greenery is aplenty and local cultures welcome you with open arms. Not only that, most of the architecture is inspired by the state’s Lanna heritage. Lanna is the old name for the northern Thai kingdom around Chiang Mai, where strong influences of it can still be seen until today.

So skip the beaches this time around and head north towards Chiang Mai. We’ve rounded up a selection of chic boutique hotels for you to check in to — just read on.