New Zealand’s natural landscape is almost second to none. The lush greenery framed by a backdrop of mountains is a site that many gapes over, but not many realise that other than Hobbiton, this country is also home to more than several interesting hotels. These art and design hotels in New Zealand will amaze you, from its stunning architecture to contemporary art, and also art collections.

Do you fancy yourself as an art and design enthusiast? Then you’ll be checking in to the right places. Some of these hotels — such as The Lindis in Ahuriri Valley — are designed that they blend seamlessly into nature’s architectural landscape. If you were flying overhead the hotel, you might actually miss it because the building follows the natural undulations of Ahuriri Valley. Now doesn’t that reminds you of a certain Speyside distillery?

Closer to the city, hotels don’t have the luxury of real estate to be as innovative with their building architecture. Nonetheless, they make do in other ways with interior design and art collections. So/ Auckland hotel teamed up with fashion innovator WORLD’s Benny Castles to create a bold interior design, while QT Wellington — formerly Museum Art Hotel — features original artworks by local and international artists.

Now you see, New Zealand isn’t just famed for its natural archetypes, but also its manmade architecture and design hotels. Read on to see more art and design hotels that you can find around the land of the Kiwis.

(Images: Tourism New Zealand)