Sebastian the crab had it all figured out when he said it’s better under the sea. “Up on the shore they work all day, out in the sun they slave away” — that pretty much sums up our life as working adults. So while we can’t magically transform ourselves into a mermaid via an evil Cecaelia, the next best option is imagining our lives under the sea by checking in to underwater hotels. We’ll take it.

A growing number of luxury hotels around the world have been treading the waters on the concept of underwater lodges. While the entire resort isn’t exactly submerged, the most important parts are — namely, the rooms and restaurants. Fresh catches from the sea will have an entirely new meaning once you get a chance to dine underwater while looking out to the fishes swimming. Also, imagine waking up to the sun streaming through the clear ocean waters, while colourful coral reefs and sea creatures swim languidly above you. Now that’s living Ariel’s best life.

Excited to dive deep into underwater hotels? Read on for our picks of the most gorgeous ones around the world. Hint: one of them is close in proximity to us.