The Andaman is a private sanctuary tucked in the north of Langkawi island where the stretch of pristine beach along Datai Bay is situated. Over at the resort, the sweeping vista of the ocean matches the beauty of the lush rainforest. Guests are not only entertained by the antics of mother earth, but also a hypnotising majestic setting.

Many are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which hotels and resorts to check in to, whether it’s for a family holiday, a honeymoon, or a quick getaway to simply get out of town. But if it’s the first time in a very long time since your last visit to Langkawi, The Andaman is a great place to start reintroducing yourself to Langkawi’s effortless charms. 

We had our fair share experiencing Langkawi recently and here’s why we think you should be making a trip to The Andaman Langkawi, especially during the school holidays.

Surrounded by Nature

Driving into The Andaman is like driving into the depths of the forest with winding roads similar to the ones up Cameron Highlands. But once you’re in the premise, you’ll hear the sounds of birds, crickets and rustling leaves in perfect synchrony. Depending on which room types you’re getting — beach-fronting or the tropical forest — you’ll have a slice of nature no matter where you are at. We’d suggest the one facing the ocean (with a private pool to boot) where you can simply walk out barefoot to the beach to crash in the waves or to have your morning jog along the 1km stretch.

Pristine Beach

A beach holiday will never be complete without a beautiful beach in sight. The Datai Bay is home to one of the most majestic beaches in Langkawi with untouched white sands and aquamarine waters. The waves are gentle, which is perfect for rookie surfers but what continues to bring us back is the therapeutic lullaby of the ocean that brings you peace of mind — the perfect way to switch off from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sustainable Fishing

The Andaman sources its fresh seafood from local fishermen in Langkawi who practise line fishing instead of the more commercial way using trawl nets. This ensures the ecosystem is maintain while allowing fishes to populate naturally. What’s more important is that you’ll be able to enjoy fresh catches of the day at Jala Restaurant.

Guest Chefs

A few times a year, The Andaman will also play host to guests chefs from its sister properties under the Luxury Collection Resort group. Its most recent one is with Netflix’s Final Table’s alumni Chef Rafa Gil who cooked up a storm at Jala Restaurant using locally sourced ingredients like the rainbow lobster and buah jentik (a local citrusy and tangy fruit, the size of a blueberry). Be sure to check out its website to find out if your trip coincides with any of these special dining events.

'Treehouse' Massage

There’s no better way to immerse in tranquility than snugging yourself up in a ‘treehouse-like’ room where the massage and wellness programs are carried out. Have your body wraps, facials or even traditional massages in the open space, cradled by the sounds of nature and caressed by the gentle breeze. Once you’re done, take some time to sit by the balcony and enjoy the expansive view of Datai Bay from this perfect vantage point.

Save the Reef Program

The Andaman is one of very few resorts that champions a coral nursery and rehabilitation initiative. The ‘Save the Reef’ program has been around for several years and was introduced after Datai Bay was hit by tsunami in 2004. The tsunami destroyed major parts of the reef along the bay but the reef protected the resort from total destruction. As part of its efforts to protect and save the reef, The Andaman has a passionate team of marine biologists who are dedicated to breeding corals and transplanting them back into the ocean in its most natural habitat. Guests can experience guided tours walking along the reef when the tide is low, or learn how corals are bred. This is something the kids would enjoy too.

The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi
Jln Teluk Datai, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
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