Paris isn’t the most romantic place in Europe — it’s the Amalfi Coast. This gorgeous coastline between Positano and Ravello is absolutely picturesque, especially when viewed from a distance, preferably atop a yacht in the clear and calm waters. The backdrop of colourful stone houses against the cliffs is second to none, made better with the known fact that these Amalfi Coast hotels are amongst them.

Imagine throwing open your windows in the morning to the view of the ocean and the sound of waves crashing against the steep cliffs. Or even at sunset, when you’re feeling the sea breeze ruffling your hair and enjoying an aperitivo just before Italy’s famously late dinners? These Amalfi Coast hotels are the best places to experience these moments because you can simply retire to your room right after. It truly is one of the most mesmerising places to be in, made better with your loved one right beside you. Can’t wait to take that holiday already? Read on to see our picks of the most delightful Amalfi Coast hotels.