In the year 1868, the seat of the Japanese government was moved from Kyoto to Tokyo. While Tokyo evolved into a metropolitan city, home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, Kyoto retains its old-world Japanese charm. Those who seek to experience ancient Japan almost always hop onto the shinkansen and onwards to Kyoto. One good way to wrap up the traditional experience? Staying in luxury ryokans in Kyoto.

These traditional inns may not be fitted with the most high-tech facilities or decked out in the finest Italian-designed furniture. They may not even have in-house restaurants boasting Michelin-stars. But make no mistake, the cuisine that they produce is certainly worthy of one or more Michelin-stars — they might have even rejected them so as to not misconstrue the edible art they produce.

But more than the facilities they provide, these luxury ryokans in Kyoto provide one thing that you probably could not get outside of Japan — omotenashi (impeccable service) and experiencing a piece of history. Tempted yet? Here are seven traditional inns in Kyoto for you to check in to.