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Take a wellness trip to Alamayah, a holistic Indonesian resort opening in April 2020

If you’re running out of luxury resorts to check yourself into come 2020, fret not because Alamayah in Sumba, Indonesia, will be opening in April 2020. The name of the retreat was born from a combination of the words ‘alam’, meaning nature, and ‘mayah’ meaning grandmother, signalling a home away from home in the warm embrace of Mother Nature.


The experience begins with a stunning journey along the rocky mountain summits and verdant greens before arriving at Alamayah, located in the beachside village of Kerewe. The remote establishment is housed within pristine beaches, sparkling mangroves, secret caves and undisturbed waterfalls.

Inside, each of the six generous suites will feature with king-sized beds dressed in pure cotton linen, complete with outdoor terraces that frame the surrounding beaches and jungles. Here, guests can indulge in an all-inclusive experience inclusive of treats like a healer’s body analysis, daily plant-based meals, medicinal mixology and daily massage treatments.

The idea of absolute relaxation is key at Alamayah. Holidaymakers can offload the mental strain of planning to anyone of the property’s skilled specialists, who will help to create fully customizable schedules for them. Activities such as yoga, guided jungle treks and mountain biking are just to name a few.

True to its holistic roots, Alamayah has curated every detail for an environment that rejuvenates both the body and the soul of all their guests. The hotel will offer plant-based cuisine showcasing foraged ingredients indigenous to Sumba and homemade elixirs made for the purpose of ultimate health and wellbeing. To elevate the experience, travellers will also be treated to spa therapies made with specially created essential oil blends to target and heal the most common human ailments.

For an exclusive experience built around a harmonious blend of opulence and nature, find your self in Alamayah, available for bookings from 2 April 2020.

(All images: Alamayah)

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