A romantic mystique surrounds unexplored lands blessed with never-ending golden sands marked by a sprinkling of ancient structures, standing in proud glory against a light blue horizon. Appreciating the allure of such a beguiling location, Aman recently announced its plans to open three unique resorts in the historic region of AlUla in northwest Saudi Arabia. To be completed by 2023, Aman’s upcoming opening in AlUla marks the luxury hotel chain’s debut in this Middle Eastern kingdom


Still relatively unknown to the outside world, AlUla spreads out across a vast 22,561 sqkm area and is located around 1,100 km south of Riyadh. Dating back to the 6th-century BC, this once walled city boasts breathtaking natural beauty in the form of a rich oasis valley and stunning sandstone mountains. And evidence of a bygone thriving civilisation still lives on with the presence of cultural sites that inspire awe, including Herge that has been given World Heritage Site status by UNESCO.

“Many of our existing Aman destinations are located in areas of outstanding natural beauty and rich history,” said Vladislav Doronin, chairman and CEO of Aman. “With the addition of the spectacular AlUla, this takes us to 10 properties situated near or in UNESCO Heritage Sites, making it a fitting location for our first destination in the Middle East.”


Aman’s commitment towards creating refined, exclusive spaces that blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings will be reflected in the new resorts, as well. Each will have its own distinctive character: a luxurious tented camp, a majestic property worthy of its nearby historic buildings, and a ranch-style desert resort.    

“We are proud to be signing this agreement with a luxury operator who shares our vision of responsible development, demonstrating our commitment to delivering an extraordinary visitor experience in AlUla,” said His Highness Prince Badr. “The decision by Aman to open its first resorts in the Middle East in AlUla shows the promise and progress of the vision for AlUla to become a worldwide destination for those seeking unique experiences.”

With the promise of such a special, seemingly otherworldly adventure to look forward to, 2023 cannot get here soon enough.   



(All images: Aman)

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