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Aman Kyoto, set to open in November this year in an enchanting garden

Luxury hotel group Aman made its foray into Japan with Aman Tokyo in December 2014. Since then, another resort (Amanemu) has been added to its portfolio in the Land of the Rising Sun. This year, the group is slated to open Aman Kyoto, the third resort in the country.

Hidden at the foot of the symbolic Mountain of Hidari Daimonji in Kyoto’s north, Aman Kyoto is spread over an 80-acre site comprising of 72 acres of permanent forest and eight acres of exquisite gardens lovingly tended over many decades by the previous owner of the site, one of Japan’s most respected collectors of the obi (ornamental sash for a traditional Japanese kimono.) The hotel is within walking distance to the iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion), yet still boasting proximity to the centre of Kyoto.

As with other Aman properties around the world, Aman Kyoto will provide unparalleled access to the remarkable heritage destination while offering signature Aman hospitality.

Aman Kyoto is nestled in a lush garden. (Image credit: Aman)

The resort is an architectural masterpiece by Singapore-based Kerry Hill Architects, the masterminds behind both existing Japan properties, Aman Tokyo and Amanemu. Consisting of a series of standalone pavilions, each with a distinct function, Aman Kyoto includes separate arrival, living, dining and spa pavilions, four guest pavilions (home to 24 guest rooms), and two separate pavilions overlooking the forest canopy housing a pair of two-bedroom villas.

The rooms and suites are a contemporary re-imagination of the traditional ryokan. (Image credit: Aman)

The 24 guest rooms and two villas fuses elements of the traditional ryokan with contemporary touches. The rooms, strikingly minimalist in their design, have floor-to-ceiling windows framing the spectacular natural surroundings, tatami mats covering the floors, and tokonoma (alcoves where items for artistic appreciation are presented) providing a subtle focal point. The interiors are spacious and light-filled; said to inspire peace, relaxation and contemplation.

Aman Kyoto will also be home to the Aman Spa, which offers traditional onsen facilities using natural spring water that flows near the property.

makes use of the natural spring water that flows near Kyoto. The traditional onsen bathing facilities, using the water from a local spring, deliver relaxation and healing. Additionally, the treatments make use of Japan’s plentiful natural apothecary — including Kyoto green tea, Tanba kuromame (black beans), local saké, and cold-pressed tsubaki oil.

“Following on from the success of Aman Tokyo and Amanemu, Aman Kyoto will add another distinctive facet to our continued journey – and commitment – to Japan,” said Vladislav Doronin, Chairman and CEO of Aman. “Aman Kyoto will embody the true spirit of Aman, blending our profound respect for nature with adherence to simple, yet striking, principles of aesthetics and structure, masterfully brought to life by the late Kerry Hill and his team.”

Aman Kyoto is slated to open on 1 November 2019.


(All images: Aman) 

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