Everyone wants to be close to nature, but no one wants to get muddy. How else do you have luxury retreats such as glamping that bring you right smack in the middle of nature while still having all modern amenities like flushing toilets and a made-up bed of 500 thread count Egyptian cotton? But glamping is so two years ago — there’s another type of retreat that brings you even closer to nature now. Introducing the bubble hotels.

The concept is exactly as it sounds — guests stay in a transparent, dome-shaped cabin that gives you a seamless view of nature outside. Imagine lying in bed and having an unobstructed view of the stars, northern lights, and more. That certainly brings the adage of “sleeping under the stars” to a whole new level, literally.

The best part is that these bubble hotels are scattered all around the world, giving you the chance to experience any type of views you wish: from the barren desert to the aurora borealis, a snowy forest, and more. Choose from our top favourite bubble hotels around the world below.