Group staycations in Malaysia are a growing trend, no thanks to the need to escape the hectic city life and retreat into nature. 

With the lure of countless gorgeous homes on Airbnb, it will be hard to pick the right location. The past decade or so has seen a steady growth of boutique resorts and villas made for group staycations. Many of these locations were made to blend into its natural surroundings, whether in the woods or by the beach.

While some may consider these retreats as unconventional destinations, it still remains highly sought-after. Of course, social media does have a part to play in the process with how fast news gets updated. In the end, group staycations in Malaysia showcase a truly unique experience to the natural beauty of its surroundings while giving you and your friends a good time away.

Hero image: The Dusun; Feature image: Castra by Colony

The Shorea

The first of many household names on the list is none other than The Shorea, an eco-friendly boutique resort that resides within the Berembun Forest Reserve in Negeri Sembilan. The Shorea is separated into two sections: Shorea Resort, where you will find the villas; and Shorea Estate, which is where the pool suites are. Its villas and suites are great for both couples and large groups, making it the go-to place for all.

Image credit: The Shorea

Sekeping Retreats

Sekeping Retreats is a chain of boutique resorts scattered across the Klang Valley and beyond, including Ipoh and Penang. There are six different Sekeping Retreats available in KL, all of which offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of the hectic city life. Its locations feature a retreat from the concrete jungle while many are still within the city’s limits.

Image credit: Sekeping Retreats

The Dusun

Just a stone’s throw away from The Shorea is The Dusun, another tropical paradise within driving distance from KL. What started as a small nature resort has since blossomed into a thriving business with killer views to boot. The Dusun has six different houses, all of which are great for both couples and groups.

Image credit: The Dusun

Halaman Boutique Guesthouse

In the sleepy neighbourhood of Salak South KL is the Halaman Boutique Guesthouse. What was once an old shophouse is now home to a four-bedroom home that can accommodate up to 10 people. Its tasteful and aesthetic design allows plenty of natural light into the house while still providing plenty of shade and privacy from nosy onlookers along the street.

Image credit: Halaman Boutique Guesthouse

Embun Luxury Villas

If you haven’t already been to Janda Baik, a 45-minute drive outside of KL, you should. Here you’ll find Embun Luxury Villas, with its hilltop location is surrounded by lush green forests and vibrant birdlife. There are eight villas in total, split into four different sizes. This ranges from a 3-bedroom to a 1-bedroom villa, great for both couples and groups.

Image credit: Embun Luxury Villas

Castra by Colony: Glamping In The City

Glamping sites are usually found amidst nature but the same can’t be said for Castra by Colony: Glamping in the City. It’s the first-of-its-kind ‘glamping in the city’ theme in KL, perched at the rooftop of Star Boulevard KLCC. Created by Colony Coworking Space, Castra by Colony brings glamping to another level with its luxury tents. It fits up to 10 people and comes with all the modern amenities you can find in a glamping site while still holding onto its aesthetically pleasing charm.

Image credit: Castra by Colony

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