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Hide away at these gorgeous Airbnb Plus homes in the Klang Valley for your next staycation

Let’s be real — the majority of us only ever take a long holiday a handful of times a year. Long holidays require a lot of planning and moving around appointments for. That leaves us with a long gap in between them where we’re constantly craving for time away to escape. It’s really the reason why staycations were invented. It gives you a small pocket of time to get away without going too far. If you tire of the same old big-name hotels and boutique hotels within the city, why not try Airbnb in KL?

These Airbnb Plus homes are gorgeous and lavish, giving you a chance to try out some high-end serviced apartments and condominiums within the city without being tied to a mortgage. After Airbnb Plus was introduced a year ago, we’ve seen more high-quality homes being opened up for us to try. While there are not as many available, we’ve narrowed down the best Airbnb Plus homes in the Klang Valley to try, including one just little ways out of the city area. Who knows, perhaps staying in one of these upscale accommodations will inspire you to purchase your very own in the same building?

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Stylish high rise in the city

Fancy staying in an Airbnb that looks as though it came straight out of an interior design magazine? This stylish high rise apartment is exactly that with its lush interiors of dark grey, wood, glass, and metallic accents. The bathroom has both a shower area as well as a bathtub, so be sure to stock up on some bath bombs. As a guest, you’ll also have access to the infinity pool, guest lounge, and gym. It accommodates up to four people and has one bedroom and one bathroom.

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Serviced apartment close to Suria KLCC

Normal denizens of Klang Valley don’t necessarily stay right smack in the golden triangle. But once in a while, we like to play expat and book a staycation that’s right in the middle of the hustle just so we can walk to all the hot spots. This serviced apartment Airbnb is precisely that — it even says that you can stroll to Suria KLCC from there. Convenience aside, we love the modern look and feel of this listing. It has one bedroom and one bathroom.

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Sunlit Scandinavian-inspired apartment

The Scandinavian interior trend has been popular of late, and it’s easy to see why. It’s minimal yet stylish, emphasising on natural light, light wood elements, and an overall sense of calm. For this Airbnb Plus listing, its owner has put a lot of thought into curating the furnishings to create a modern Scandinavian style with pops of colour at all the right places — like the gorgeous leather sofa. Floor to ceiling windows let in plenty of sunlight while showing off a great view of the city. This Airbnb accommodates up to four guests and has one bedroom with one bathroom.

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Calming zen condominium downtown

Sometimes, you just want to escape to a zen place within the city. This Airbnb is precisely it with its minimal and sunlit home. “Minimalist blond woodwork, faux sliding panels, and a bonsai tree lend the space a Japanese zen-like feel,” boasts the listing on its Airbnb page. There are two bedrooms with three beds and two bathrooms, which can accommodate up to six guests.

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Bohemian loft

“Get a taste of authentic Malaysian living with a chic bohemian twist,” says its owner. Sure enough, we can’t get enough of the bohemian, yet incredibly local touch that this Airbnb has in its interiors. From the lace curtains to the Peranakan style tiles on the floor and the quirky pieces of furniture and decor, this home gives you insight to its owner’s incredibly artistic flair. There are two bedrooms with a bathroom, and this home can fit up to six guests.

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Artsy studio with city views

Slip out for a weekend away with your partner in this artsy apartment. The owner has taken the liberty of decorating it with perfectly curated art pieces so you can enjoy it while soaking up the natural light that this place has to offer. The bright pops of yellow in its interior are guaranteed to be a mood pleaser. When you feel like heading out, this Airbnb also has access to a stunning infinity pool with gorgeous views of the cityscape.

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Idyllic nature villa outside of the city

It takes a bit of a drive, but once you get to Batang Kali in Kampung Hulu Rening, you’ll feel all your worldly cares melt away. This idyllic nature villa has three bedrooms with three baths and is able to fit up to a total of nine guests. Escape here with a group of friends and have fun just hanging out, soaking in the greenery and the view of the river. We love the open-air dining area, which is perfect for cookouts and simply enjoying each other’s company.

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