Let’s be real — the majority of us only ever take a long holiday a handful of times a year. Long holidays require a lot of planning and moving around appointments for. That leaves us with a long gap in between them where we’re constantly craving for time away to escape. It’s really the reason why staycations were invented. It gives you a small pocket of time to get away without going too far. If you tire of the same old big-name hotels and boutique hotels within the city, why not try Airbnb in KL?

These Airbnb Plus homes are gorgeous and lavish, giving you a chance to try out some high-end serviced apartments and condominiums within the city without being tied to a mortgage. After Airbnb Plus was introduced a year ago, we’ve seen more high-quality homes being opened up for us to try. While there are not as many available, we’ve narrowed down the best Airbnb Plus homes in the Klang Valley to try, including one just little ways out of the city area. Who knows, perhaps staying in one of these upscale accommodations will inspire you to purchase your very own in the same building?