This new boutique hotel in the heart of the city offers one-of-a-kind Lofts, speciality coffee, and Aesop bath amenities. Time to book your stay at the new KLoe Hotel. 

One of the best things about boutique hotels is the individuality that it offers to its guests in a way that chain hotels aren’t able to. KLoe Hotel is a grand example, and now the people of KL and beyond will be able to experience that as the hotel officially opens to its doors to the public this February 2020. Located in the Bukit Bintang area just beside the infamous Plane In The City, this 85-room boutique hotel is brought to you by the same people behind LOKL Coffee – a company called Kindness of Strangers. 

KLoe Hotel
The City Room.

“At KLoe we hope to provide what we believe true luxury really is: a haven where you are shown kindness; where time moves slowly, so you can linger, reflect, connect, and be inspired to explore your creativity through art, design, music, and food,” said Ng Ping Ho, managing director of Kindness of Strangers. 

Part of the 85 guest rooms includes five one-of-a-kind Lofts inspired by a creative pursuit: art, music, food, plants, and books. To truly outfit these rooms to its fullest potential, the hotel teamed up with five personalities that are well-respected in their respective fields to design the experience that guests will go through within the rooms. 

For example, Room to Listen has an expansive vinyl collection across several genres including an amazing sound system, while Room to Draw has art supplies so its guests can unleash their inner artist during their stay in the room. Meanwhile, Room to Grow has – you guessed it – plants. Specifically, it’s a conservatory-like design that makes you feel as though you’re staying in a greenhouse, minus the humidity. 

Other guestrooms within the hotel are equally as well-designed in a palette of duck-egg blue and sage for calmness, copper-trimmed open storage and vanity counters, mid-century furnishings, real oak floors, and terrazzo tables. One particular feature will delight most: Aesop amenities in the bathrooms.

Meanwhile, the rest of the hotel also doesn’t disappoint. The lobby, called The Living Room, rests under a greenhouse roof. The in-house dining outlet, Lucky Coffee, offers hot meals, nitro drinks, and artisanal coffee. Soon the hotel will launch Monroe, a California-style bistro that is set to serve comfort food. Within Monroe is The Secret Mermaid, a hidden bar that will offer the largest selection of American spirits in KL. Now, that’s something to look forward to.

Most boutique hotels in KL lack a wellness facility, but not KLoe Hotel. B.est Mind & Body is set to offer a holistic approach to fitness and mindfulness through yoga, meditation, and fitness sessions. While there won’t be a spa, at least you’re still able to receive your dose of peace while in the hectic city. 

Prices for a room at KLoe Hotel starts at RM400++. Find out more at

(All images: KLoe Hotel/ Funky Dali)

PohNee Chin
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