Following the success of Lexis Hibiscus in Port Dickson, Kuala Lumpur Metro Group is set to build the Lexis Hibiscus 2, slated to open in 2024. This new five-star resort will be built adjacent to the existing Lexis Hibiscus property and will feature several interesting facilities which are yet to be seen in Malaysian tourism.

The luxury resort is set to hold 760 rooms on its property. 582 of the total will be water villas, while another 178 will be sky pool villas. Similar to the original property, each villa in the Lexis Hibiscus 2 will have its own private dipping pool, because only the best will do for its guests.

Lexis Hibiscus 2
An artist’s impression of the upcoming Lexis Hibiscus 2. (Picture: Lexis Hibiscus)

The upcoming resort will also feature several interesting amenities, including a sunken aquarium with a built-in restaurant, apparently the first of its kind in Malaysia. Other noteworthy facilities that you’ll find on the property include a musical fountain, as well as Negeri Sembilan’s largest ballroom. The Grand Ballroom is expected to accommodate 2,000 people — quite a grand feat in the sleepy town of Port Dickson.

“We are excited to once again partner with the Lexis Hotel Group for our latest iconic project, the Lexis Hibiscus 2. Leveraging on their expertise as a trendsetting hospitality company, coupled with strong local market knowledge, we believe Lexis Hibiscus 2 will emulate the success of Lexis Hibiscus and is set to surpass Lexis Hibiscus’ current positioning as the largest water homes development in the world,” said chairman of Kuala Lumpur Metro Group Dato’ Haji Mat Hassan Esa during the project announcement recently.

(All images: Lexis Hibiscus)

PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
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