Like a scene out of a James Bond movie, the isle of Capri is a magical one. It’s a place that’s seemingly frozen in time with perpetual sunny days, blue seas, and worlds away from reality. It’s best you check into one of the many luxury hotels in Capri before you continue languishing on this dream.

Of course, like many coastal Italian cities, Capri is where the rich and famous come for a vacation. With luxury yachts moored at the port ready to take you out to sea on a feast of champagne and oysters, as well as high fashion boutiques lining the main town area, this surely is a place for the affluent to splash out on.

Still, the wondrous nature of Capri is a sight to behold – just see the Blue Grotto and its luminous azure waters, the towering Faraglioni rock formations and rugged sceneries. If you’ve yet to visit, you definitely need to keep this on your bucket list.

Allow us to help you out on that with a list of the finest luxury hotels in Capri that you can check in to.