New York — a concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There are a million things to do in this city that never sleeps, ranging from interests to price points. But one thing that you shouldn’t compromise on is rest. While you’re at it, why not make it one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in New York? The Big Apple has no shortage of hotels, which means that it’ll be even more difficult to pick the right one.

The key to nailing your stay in New York is cherry-picking only the best of the lot. Forget chic boutique hotels and quaint Airbnb homes — go for the most upscale and prestigious ones that will either bring you back to the glory days of old Hollywood or to the gritty yet fashionable meatpacking district that is synonymous with New York.

So sink into your plush bed, put on a face mask, and order room service of champagne, burgers, and fries. Turn on the TV to the American Movie Classics (AMC) channel — How To Steal A Million, perhaps? — and simply enjoy your stay in one of these luxury hotels in New York.