Skiing has been one of the most popular sports in western countries for over five millennia. Most places that are great for skiing have ski resorts to accommodate its guests, keeping up with the growing demand of tourists visiting from around the world. Ski resorts have also gone through multiple generations over the years from what it used to be to what it is today.

However, ski resorts located around Europe and the United States differ from one another. While most resorts in Europe are towns or villages adjacent to a ski area, the United States would usually have a purposefully-built destination resort where skiing is the main activity.

Many ski resorts will come with its own fair share of luxury accommodations and fine-dining options. These beautifully designed resorts overlook the coniferous forests and snow-capped mountains, lending the perfect background to the perfect ski escapade.

Cortina, Italy

Located in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, Cortina d’Ampezzo is a ski town at the heart of the southern Dolomitic Alps. Also known as just Cortina, the town is surrounded by beautiful landscapes with scenic slopes to match. What was once mountains filled with corals and shells; erosion, time, and weather have turned it into one of the most famous ski resorts in Europe. As the host for the 1956 Winter Olympics, Cortina is a tourist destination that prides itself on constant redevelopment while still preserving its natural landscapes. The Dolomites also became a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site due to its remarkable beauty. (Image: Cortina Dolomiti)

Eagle Point Resort, Utah, USA

The Eagle Point Resort in Utah, USA is the only ski resort that gives you access to the entire terrain all to yourself. What makes the Eagle Point Resort unique is its ability to become a private resort for you and 200 guests, all for the cool price of US$10,000 a day. With 40 marked ski runs and steep black diamond runs, the Eagle Point Resort is made for beginners and experts. The resort also comes with its stand-alone cabins by Canyonside Lodge with outdoor hot tubs, a disco, and a bar. Vegas is also just 20 minutes away by helicopter — you can spend the day carving on the black diamond before hitting the City of Lights at night. (Image: Eagle Point Resort)

Lech-Zürs, Austria

Situated atop in the Arlberg mountains, Lech-Zürs in Austria offers a picturesque view of its slopes, drawing in the rich and famous from all four corners. It also comes with 100 four-star and five-star hotels and chalets amongst both resorts. Featuring manicured slopes and off-pistes (marked ski runs), Lech-Zürs will have everything covered from the moment you arrive to when you decide to leave. Lech-Zürs is now also home to to Austria’s largest linked ski area, Ski Arlberg with 305km of pistes. (Image: Lech-Zürs)

Klosters, Switzerland

One thing that Klosters, Switzerland is famous for is not the snowy alps, but its clientele. With the likes of Prince Charles of Wales being a regular guest of the resort, Klosters offers a unique combination of being a celebrated mountain resort as well as a serene Graubünden village. The peak visitation occurs just after Christmas as the end of January is when the World Economic Forum begins — many of the world’s elites will converge onto the village of Graubünden. This is because Klosters is capable of providing both snow and security in a discreet and safe manner, making it the best in Swiss Alps for anyone rich and famous to stray away from the public eye. (Image: Klosters)

Courchevel, France

When one mentions skiing, many would almost instantly think of the French Alps and its beautiful mountains of flakes. Resting at the heart of the Alps sits Courchevel with its six villages nestled close by. Each village is easily accessible to one another through ski lifts and bus shuttles while carrying an identity of its own. Explore everything from the village of Saint Bon where Courchevel originally began to Courchevel 1850, which offers to-go-to luxury establishments. Courchevel was built to accommodate guests of all walks of life and it intends to do so for a long time. (Image: Courchevel)

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