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SM Entertainment announces Lucas’s departure from NCT and WayV

On 10 May, SM Entertainment made a major announcement that has left many fans of NCT and WayV in shock and sadness. The agency announced that Lucas, a beloved member of both K-pop groups, will be departing from both and shifting his focus towards solo activities.

Why did Lucas leave NCT and Wayv?

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This decision was made after careful deliberation between Lucas and the company, who jointly agreed that it was best for him to pursue his personal goals independently.

The full statement posted by the agency’s official Twitter account is as follows:

Lucas has been an integral part of both NCT and WayV since their inception, and his departure has left a void that will be difficult to fill. Fans of the Hong Kong-born idol expressed their sadness and heartbreak at the news, with many taking to social media to share their love and support for him during this difficult time.

Despite the overwhelming sadness that many fans feel, they have also pledged to continue supporting Lucas in his future endeavors, showing the true devotion of the K-pop fandom.

Following the announcement from SM Entertainment about Lucas’s departure, Lucas himself shared his thoughts and feelings in a letter posted on his Instagram account. The letter, written in Chinese, expressed his personal reflections on leaving NCT and WayV and embarking on a new chapter in his career. The letter was well-received by fans, who appreciated Lucas’s candidness and honesty about his decision.


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Although his departure is undoubtedly a significant loss, it is clear that Lucas has a bright future ahead of him as he embarks on his solo journey. Fans can look forward to seeing what new projects and music he will release, and his departure from NCT and WayV marks the beginning of a new chapter in his career.

It may be a difficult time for both Lucas and his fans, but it is also an exciting time full of potential and possibility.

SM Entertainment announces Lucas’s departure from NCT and WayV

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