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GE15: The do’s and don’ts to abide before voting on 19 November 2022

The next general election is coming soon, and it bears mentioning these GE15 dos and don’ts for both seasoned and new voters.

On 10 October 2022, Malaysia’s parliament was dissolved, and per the constitution, an election must be held within 60 days of the event. Therefore, the next general election should be done before 10 December 2022. In order to abide by this, the national Election Commission has announced that the national polling day falls on 19 November 2022.

Be sure to go out there and exercise your democratic rights this GE15. Image credit: Unsplash

Be sure that you are registered here, and all you need is your MyKad/IC number to confirm your voting status.

Check out these GE15 dos and don’ts to ensure that you can exercise your democratic right on polling day:


  • Be sure to have your IC on your person at the polling station.
  • Ensure that your voting ballots have a serial number and certified stamp. Additionally, and this is crucial, make sure that there are no markings.
  • Set your mobile devices on silent once you arrive at the polling station.


  • Wear clothes or paraphernalia with any party logos on it.
  • Take ballot papers out of or bring them into polling stations.
  • Linger around polling stations once you have cast your ballot.
  • Use your mobile devices while voting, or share a photo of your vote on social media as this violates Section 5(2) and Section 5(3) of the Elections Offences Act 1954.

Infected with COVID-19? These are the GE15 dos and don’ts for you:

If you are infected, worry not—you’re still able to cast your vote on the day. The Ministry of Health has announced guidelines for you.


  • Be sure to wear a mask to the polling station.
  • Fill out the health form sent to you through text on the eve of polling.
  • Report your health status to the Ministry of Health official who will be stationed at the entrance of the polling station. They will then check the COVID-19 risk status on your MySejahtera profile. You will then be given priority to vote in order to avoid contact with other voters.
  • Take your hand sanitiser and practice good hygiene at your polling station.
  • Practice social distancing from others while voting.


  • Take public transport or ride-sharing services to your polling station.
  • Stop anywhere before and after your trip to the polling station.

What is the policy on nail polish?

GE15 dos and don'ts
Should you reconsider your manicure? Image credit: Unsplash

While it is widely believed that you are not allowed to have a manicure on when you cast your vote, you can actually have your nails done. The caveat is that you have to ensure that the type of nail polish allows the indelible ink to stick to the nail.

However, to be safe, you might want to skip your manicure.

Featured and hero images credit: Unsplash

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