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Money horoscope for all 12 zodiac signs – May 2023

The money horoscope of May 2023 will help you prepare and plan for the expenses to be incurred during the month. Different planets and houses are responsible for gains, and losses. When the transit activates the aforesaid house or planets your wealth increases or dwindles. Read on to know your money horoscope for May 2023.

The main houses for wealth and money are the 2nd house and 11th house and the significator of these houses is Jupiter. Therefore, this planet becomes very important in the prospect of wealth. Jupiter arises on 27 April in fiery Aries, a friend’s house, and although it will be in the axis of the nodes, it will become benefic. Mercury the significator of currency will get out of combustion on 11 May and become direct on 14 May. This will have a positive impact on money and finances.

Sun is the source of all wealth. It will be in a comfortable position in Aries. Its exaltation sign is till 15 May after which it moves to earthy Taurus. Venus the significator of luxury is going to transit to Gemini, a sign owned by Mercury. Besides the main significators, all planets can give wealth depending on their placement, transit, and the running planetary period. The Lunar eclipse in Scorpio on 5 May will cause some upheavals in the money and fortunes of some sun signs.

May 2023: Money horoscope for all the zodiac signs

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Aries money horoscope

The Aries natives will have some ups and downs in May 2023 and will have an average financial situation. Their earnings and accumulation of wealth might be less than expected. The inflow of money might be good but Arians will be spending a lot, some of it will be towards acquiring luxury items. Towards the latter part of the month, they might be able to save some money and make decent profits. Businesspeople might struggle because of stiff competition.

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Taurus money horoscope

In terms of finances, the natives of the Taurus sun sign might find this month to be a little challenging. The start of the month will be average but after 15 May, their expenses might increase. There might be fluctuations and delays in money matters. There is a high probability of some extra medical expenses. The savings will not be there but the good point is you will be able to sail through. Businesspeople need to be over-cautious, as some losses are indicated.

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Gemini money horoscope

For Gemini natives, the first half of May will be profitable, but expenses also might be high. Some money might be spent on children’s education and activities. Natives might be able to gain some money and might be able to save as well. Gemini natives may get some unexpected monetary gains in the form of gifts or also through inheritance. Gaining through shares might also be possible during this month. Those who are doing business might be able to gain profits. New business opportunities will enable Gemini natives to prosper.

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Cancer money horoscope

The natives of this sun sign might face some losses and extraordinary expenses. Businesspeople need to be very careful while investing. With the owner of this sun sign ‘Moon’ being eclipsed Cancarians might face a money crunch. Do not lend money this month. Try to reduce your expenses to the bare minimum. The latter part of the month will be better. Some investments from the past will yield good returns and make you comfortable. Natives who are in business are advised not to make any additional investments. It is advised to operate a business at moderate levels.

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Leo money horoscope

Leo Sun sign natives will earn good money, due to the good transit of planets. An increase in the pay package is a big possibility. Partnerships might not do very well so avoid making any new business partnerships. Try to strategise and plan before investing. Try to conserve your money and spend it after due diligence. Earning will be good but you need to be careful and sensible with your money. For natives in business, gains, and profits are expected. Expansion on the business front will get you good returns.

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Virgo money horoscope

The money horoscope of Virgo natives for May 2023 shows some ups and downs in money matters. Plan your expenses well as the first half of the month might bring in a financial crunch. Hard work and a planned approach will ease things out in the second fortnight. You will need to work very hard for gains this month. You might have to take loans to meet your commitments. Virgo natives in business might incur some unexpected losses, therefore you need to be extremely cautious with your finances.

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Libra money horoscope

The people who are born under this Libra zodiac sign might have to deal with extra expenses this month. Despite this, in the first couple of weeks, you will be able to manage your expenses well and save some money. Your past investments will yield rich dividends. For natives who are doing business, good profits are indicated. Traders and investors are likely to do well and earn good profits. Natives’ dealings in shares will be able to do well and earn profits this month.

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Scorpio money horoscope

Financially, Scorpions will get mixed results, both gains and losses are likely to be experienced. Some unexpected money gains are indicated. Personal expenses might increase a lot. If you are doing business, some success is indicated. Avoid borrowing and lending money. Plan your finances well, be organised and prepared for the impending expenses. Spending money is never a problem, but saving is. Therefore, be conservative with your money and expenses.

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Sagittarius money horoscope

It’s a good month in terms of finances for this sun sign. The natives will get good gains this month. You will be able to save and make favourable investments. Your previous investments will also yield good money, making you comfortable and happy. Natives are advised to make the best of this favourable transit and make good investments. Investment in shares and property is also advisable. Businesspeople will make good profits and enjoy good returns.

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Capricorn money horoscope

For the natives of this sun sign, an average month is indicated. Your money inflow will be proportional to your expenses. Do not lend money even to near and dear ones as it is not likely to come back. Businesspeople need to be careful and not be adventurous in their investments and expenses. Some losses are expected. Do not make any risky investments this month and be very careful of all the paperwork.

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Aquarius money horoscope

For the people born under the Aquarius zodiac sign, finances will be average. The first two weeks will see some profits and financial gains. Natives need to be extremely careful in the last fortnight of the month. Be careful in handling and spending money as there are chances of financial loss. Natives doing business might have a tough time after 15 May. Some obstacles and hindrances might result in losses. You need to be extremely careful with your money and spend what is minimum and conserve your finances.

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Pisces money horoscope

Natives born under this sun sign will be comfortable in the latter half of the month. The first half will entail lots of hard work and stress and returns might be lesser than expected, whereas the expenses will be more than expected. Those who are in the trading and share business will earn good profits and returns. Try to avoid investments and big expenses. If planning to invest in property, defer it for some time. Businessmen of this sun sign need to be very careful in the first two weeks. Towards the end of the month, some gains are expected.

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