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Weekly love horoscope: A tarot reading of 25 September – 1 October 2023

Love is tenderness, fondness, warmth, passion, adoration, friendship and a never-ending list of adjectives. It definitely is the oxygen for all living beings. Love is one of the most intense feelings of deep affection without any limit and condition that we experience as human beings. Typically, love is expressed towards person. However, it is not limited to individuals. Every person wants to love and be loved. With the help of our weekly love horoscope 2023 from 25 September – 1 October, you’ll be able to understand your relationship and partner better.

Be mindful of unrealistic expectations or fantasies. Keep a balance between your dreams and the reality of relationships. Love requires effort, compromise, understanding and above all acceptance of imperfections of your partner. The need for love lies in the very foundation of human existence and life seems perfect, complete, exciting, and worthwhile if you have the right partner besides you.

Each zodiac will be differently affected depending on the placement of planets at their time of birth besides the transit. The energies will be reflected in the cards. Some zodiacs with enjoy bliss in their relationships, some will find love, and some sun signs will not be so lucky.

Love quote for the week  – ‘Love is not an acronym or abbreviation but the widely used hypothetical full form of love is life’s only valuable emotion’. This weekly love horoscope will help you revaluate unresolved love issues and find solutions to all your romantic endeavours. See how your zodiac sign is affected this week.

September love horoscope 2023 weekly prediction

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Aries love horoscope

Couples: The natives of Aries sun sign will enjoy marital bliss this week. Trust, compassion, and understanding – you will lack for nothing. You will be having a great sex life and your relationship and bonding with each other is all set to scale new heights. This is a good card for fertility and pregnancy and if you want to conceive, this is the right time. You will enjoy a special bonding with the elders of the family.

Singles: Singles will be prosperous in their romantic endeavours. You will meet a lot of new and interesting people and you will be having an active and enjoyable social life. When it comes to choosing a life partner, you need to go beyond appearances and choose carefully. Natives in love will deepen their connections with their mates. You will want to propose, and the cards foretell success.

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Taurus love horoscope

Couples: Taurus sun sign natives will have a stable relationship this week but you need to spend more time with your partner. Time and effort are required for the success of a relationship. You need to realise that and work towards it. Maintain a balance between work and romance. Pamper your mate and work towards the betterment of your physical relationship. Spend more time with your family.

Singles: Singles will be focusing more on work and putting their socialising on hold. All work and no play can make you dull. Occasionally this is fine, otherwise you need to strive hard to maintain a balance. Natives in love will have a complaining partner. Try to balance the lack of time with quality.

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Gemini love horoscope

Couples: Gemini sun sign natives value their peace and you will be willing to put in your best. Your relationship might have had its lows and highs but your endeavour now is to move ahead with improved ties. Your efforts towards achieving harmony will yield good results and your bonhomie with your mate is all set to improve. Family will be appreciative of your efforts and more than willing to meet you half-way to restore peace and harmony.

Singles: Singles might be feeling lonely because of not being able to find someone of their choice. You cannot tailor make a person. Each one has flaws and goodness, and you need to set realistic expectations, if you want a successful relationship. Natives in love might be having some difference of opinions amongst themselves.

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Cancer love horoscope

Couples: The natives of Cancer sun sign might be having some friction in their relationship because of the dominating and manipulating behaviour of your partner. However, do not let this become a habit. It is better to have a frank conversation and lay down some basic rules. Familial bonds will be good, and all the members will be cooperative and caring.

Singles: Singles might be attracted to an older person and might be hesitating to get into a relationship. Love is beyond age and caste, but you need to be sure of it yourself. Natives in love might be having some bumps in their love life which is normal if it’s once in a while. Otherwise, the advice is to move on.

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Leo love horoscope

Couples: Natives of Leo sun sign will have a harmonious relationship. There will be good camaraderie and there will be love, respect, space, and commitment – that’s all the ingredients required for a perfect relationship. The physical side of your relationship needs to be worked upon. Sex is a stark barometer to measure the success of a marriage. Family will be happy and satisfied with the attention you will shower on them.

Singles: Singles will be very happy enjoying a good social life and waiting for the cupid to strike but will be in no hurry to lose their single status. Everything has a right time. Natives in love will be happy and satisfied with each other but in no hurry to tie the knot. It is wise to wait for the right time.

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Virgo love horoscope

Couples: The natives of Virgo sun sign will lack emotions and expression this week. The card indicates maturity and discipline in a relationship which is not a bad thing but having fun and frolic and letting down the guard is also important in a relationship. Work towards adding some spice in your drab schedule. This card is a good omen for parenthood. Familial bonds will be good.

Singles: Singles will be lonely. Too much of highhandedness will not let any relationship develop and progress. You need to respect the opinions of your mates and be more adaptable. If you are in and out of relationships too often, then you need to introspect and mend some of your habits. Natives in love might be confused and not able to decide their next course of action.

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Libra love horoscope

Couples: Natives of Libra sun sign will be too involved in work and other obligations and might not be spending enough time with their partners. Ask your partner for help rather than taking all the responsibility. You will be fulfilling your duties towards your family, but they will be expecting more than that. Communicate your problems to them as they are likely to understand.

Singles: Singles will be focussing on their work and will get no time to socialise. It is fine for a short period but do not turn in to a workaholic. Meeting people and making friends is a must for all human beings. Natives in love will be stressed out because of lack of time with their beloved. Try and work out a balance.

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Scorpio love horoscope

Couples: Scorpio sun sign natives can look forward to a better time this week. You might have gone through a rough patch and things are likely to improve from here. Live for what today has to offer and not what yesterday has taken away. A positive attitude can turn the tables in your favour. Put in the efforts and work toward amicability.

Singles: Singles might be dealing with a breakup. Take your time to heal. Try to keep yourself mentally occupied and physically active. Natives in love might be facing some issues. Use your best weapons – time and patience and see how things change for better. Being healthy alone is a better option than being sick together.

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Sagittarius love horoscope

Couples: Sagittarius natives will be enjoying domestic harmony. You will share a very good bonhomie with your partner. The advice is to keep taking efforts to maintain amicability in relationships. It is a good time for parenthood. Family ties are all set to strengthen, and your family solidarity will blossom.

Singles: Singles will be in luck and are likely to find their soulmates. Cupid often strikes when you least expect, and your relationship will blossom, and you will experience bliss. Natives in love will be ready to tie the knot. It is a good time to propose.

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Capricorn love horoscope

Couples: Capricorn sun sign natives will have an erratic relationship which will lead to friction amongst partners. You need to give importance to your partner’s likes and dislikes and value their opinion. Find amicable solutions together and dissolve the issues by proper communication. Give respect and love to the family members and spend quality time.

Singles: Singles will be in a fun loving mood and will be all out to socialise and enjoy themselves. They will be looking for casual relationships. Things happen when they are meant to happen. Thus, enjoy each moment. Natives in love will be having a lot of fun together and will be in no hurry for permanency. Let time be the guiding force.

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Aquarius love horoscope

Couples: Natives of Aquarius sun sign will share a positive relationship with their mates. You will be enjoying a good bonding and a super bonhomie with your partner. A holiday together will be a good idea to strengthen the bonds and enjoy marital bliss. Elders will be happy with your attention and care and youngsters will enjoy your company.

Singles: Singles will be happy with their socialising and friendships and will be in no rush to commit. Enjoy your singlehood till it lasts as cupid strikes when you least expect it. Natives in love will be satisfied with their partners and will move ahead to propose and get accepted. Marriage is definitely on the cards.

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Pisces love horoscope

Couples: Pisces sun sign natives will be moving ahead will lots of positivity and willingness to make the relationship a success. You will be ready for compromises and adjustments. The Tarot advice is to not dwell on the past and focus on a good future together. You will enjoy peace and harmony with all the family members this week. A nice family holiday together is foretold.

Singles: Singles will be happy and are likely to find their soulmates. Prepare yourself for the budding romance which will soon bloom into something permanent. Natives in love will be very comfortable in their relationships and will be deeply in love. They will be all set to tie the knot soon.


Weekly love horoscope: A tarot reading of 25 September – 1 October 2023

Deepa is a practising tarot card reader and an astrologer. A science graduate, and Jyotish post Visharad from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), she taught tarot and astrology at her alma mater for six years, and now teaches students online in India and globally. She enjoys playing golf and travelling.

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