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Crystals for zodiac signs: Keep away bad vibes with these healing stones

The universe is a mysterious place with many facets which are still unexplored. Human civilisation has always tried to find answers to survive in tandem with the natural world. While medical science has developed extensively with time, some people gravitate towards alternative healing methods. And, using crystals based on zodiac signs is one such practice.

Traditionally, different types of crystals are used to unlock their specific energies to usher in good luck, positivity, wealth and fame. Almost all streams of astrology believe that an individual is innately influenced by the sun, the moon, the different planets and the constellation of stars at different points in their life. Both Western and Vedic astrology divides a person’s birth chart into different houses for every aspect of their life.

Based on the placement of their stars, a crystal is recommended to be used as body jewellery or to meditate with, for channelising all the good energy into their life. It is said that the stones help make the best out of any unfavourable positioning of certain planets and constellations at a particular phase of one’s life, as per the zodiac system.

As per a 2005 study by the National Library of Medicine, spiritualism and alternate healing have a positive influence on the human mind and body. This practice alongside Western medication has been found helpful for patients dealing with chronic illnesses.

It is believed that the energy from the right crystal according to one’s zodiac sign aligns their inherent body energy to work in positivity and bring happiness and peace in their lives.

Here is everything you need to know about healing stones for each zodiac sign and why to get them.

Best crystals for each zodiac sign and their properties

Denoted by the red planet Mars, the first fire sign of the zodiac, Aries, is the epitome of passion and ambition. Carnelian is what matches the temperament of the ram. This cardinal star sign sometimes tends to get a bit impulsive and hostile, and so, the crystal is meant to calm down this behaviour and promote optimism instead.

Image: Van Cleef & Arpels

This crystal is known for strong vibrations that promote good communication. It is known to possess powerful energy to iron out interpersonal differences and bring peace to the person using it. The crystal is used during chanting and meditation. Since Taureans are more likely to gravitate towards worldly things, this stone helps restore balance in their energies towards higher, spiritual realms of their existence.

Image: Farfetch

This light-coloured crystal has an unmistakable lavender hue and is designed to calm one down. The mutable air sign of Gemini loves to think as it has an intelligent and curious mind dominated by the planet Mercury. It sure gets overwhelming, having so many thoughts and opposing ideas all at once. And so this stone is meant to calm the nerves of an overthinking Gemini and to give them some respite from the trappings of their mind which is always in overdrive.


The Cancer, as denoted by the crab, is a water sign with the moon ruling its mind. So, no prize for guessing that its lucky crystal is a moonstone. This cardinal sign likes to live majorly in their minds. This stone is an excellent healing crystal to soothe the minds of inward-looking and sensitive Cancerians. Moonstone is said to curb negative energy created due to anxiety and help use their emotions more constructively and positively.

Image: Linjer

A symbol of positivity, brightness and grandness, everything about this stone screams Leo. The sun is a source of abundant energy and the fire sign of Leo is hugely influenced by the same. The stone is meant to bring out the best of passion, exuberance, warmth and good vibes of a Leo.

Image: Farfetch

Just like Gemini, Virgo is also ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury. But instead of being a master of expression and communication like the Geminis, Virgos process it silently by introspecting their thoughts. Red jasper’s main healing property is that it gives the wearer a sense of mental clarity. Thus, this crystal is worth the investment for the analytical and detail-oriented earth sign.

Image: Courtesy of Aomorikuma/CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0/WikiCommons

This cardinal air sign is denoted by the weighing scale and is ruled by the planet of love and money, Venus. They seek balance in everything and are often termed as indecisive because they cannot jump to any conclusion without minutely taking all aspects into consideration. They also have an innate need to be liked and so are often caught in other people’s opinions and unable to make up their own minds. The blue stone of Lapis Lazuli essentially helps them find balance within themselves and be their own person.

Image: Selfridges

Often touted to be dark and mysterious, people are quick to judge this fixed water sign. Its ruling planet is Pluto and this sign is blessed with innate intuitiveness and possesses highly developed instincts. Sensual and unconventional, persons belonging to this star sign may have the propensity to get lost in negative thoughts of revenge and jealousy. The black stone obsidian is used as a talisman to guard them against these forces and bring light to their existence.

Image: Selfridges

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, this last fire sign of the zodiac is adventurous from the word go. They love to travel and find it immensely suffocating to be bound to a fixed routine. Turquoise helps them focus clearly on their goals and keeps them grounded without killing the inner spirit of an explorer.

Image: Courtesy of Amsterdam Museum/WikiCommons

Adhering to a routine is the strongest suit of the last earth sign of the zodiac system. Being tenacious workers, they can get lost in the daily humdrum of life, often forgetting to communicate about their emotional needs with their loved ones. Jade helps in bringing a balance between their professional goals and personal needs. Wearing it in the form of jewellery or using it as an accessory in their regular skincare routine, may fill them with positive energy to be articulate and express their emotions clearly.

Image: Farfetch

This air sign is denoted by the planet Uranus which promotes revolution, free-thinking and progressiveness. The sign may find inner peace with the azure blue stone of aquamarine as it safeguards its good energy and helps speed up the thinking process and remove mental blocks of any kind.

Image: Wolf & Badger

The last of the zodiac sign is the mutable water sign of Pisces. Dominated by the planet of dreams and desires, Neptune, they are peace-loving, calm, creative and meditative souls. It is very important that they use the purple-hued amethyst to safeguard their precious energy. It also helps bring them back to the reality as they have a tendency to escape to their own fairyland.

Image: Courtesy of Mauro Cateb/CC Attribution 2.0/WikiCommons

Hero and featured image credit: Sierra NiCole Narvaeth/Unsplash

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which crystals are good for each zodiac sign?

Answer: Different crystals based on their properties corresponding to the inherent traits of the zodiacs are recommended to bring out the best in them and drive away negativity.

Question: How do I find the perfect crystal for me?

Answer: Checking your birth chart and finding a crystal particularly suitable for you is a good idea. But for beginners, it is helpful to check your zodiac sign and get a crystal according to that to maximise positivity.

Question: Which is the luckiest crystal?

Answer: Aventurine is known as the 'stone of opportunity' and considered to be one of the luckiest crystals.

Question: Which crystals are best for success?

Answer: Aventurine, garnet, malachite and pyrite are used to usher in success and wealth.

Question: Which crystal can you wear everyday?

Answer: Clear quartz, also known as a 'master healer stone,' is recommended for daily use for everyone.

Crystals for zodiac signs: Keep away bad vibes with these healing stones

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