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Your numerology predictions for September 2023

September, the equinox month, is extra special this year with numerous cosmic transitions influencing the various energies creating challenges for some zodiacs and favouring some. One should be ready to accept the challenges with positivity and favours with gratitude. Our psyche, our desires, our health, our career choices and our financial situation are all interlinked with the changing energies. Let’s see what your September 2023 numerology predictions are.

Each person is defined by some numbers depicting the nature of a person, his behavioural patterns, and the positive and negative aspects of him, his attitude, aptitude, luck, money, and success. Let’s see what these numbers are and what are the September 2023 numerology predictions.

Birthday Number or Root Number: The root number tells you about nature, behaviour, weakness, and strength. The date you were born, is your birthday number or lucky number. The root number for people born on 1, 10, 19, and 28 is 1. The root number for people born on 2, 11, 20, and 29 is 2. The root number for people born on 3, 12, 21, and 30 is 3. The root number for people born on 4, 13, 22, and 31 is 4. The root number for people born on 5, 14, and 23 is 5. The root number for people born on 6, 15, and 24 is 6. The root number for people born on 7,16, and 25 is 7. The root number for people born on 8,17, and 26 is 8. The root number for people born on 9, 18, and 27 is 9.

Life Path Number: This shows the path that you will be walking down in this lifetime. It shows your true nature, character, and your karmic debt.  By adding the day, numerical month, and the year in which you were born and reducing to a single digit you get your life path.

Name Number or Destiny Number: This indicates what you are destined to do in your lifetime. It shows your desires are yearning and points to the strengths you should develop to fulfill them.  Destiny number is calculated by numerically adding the alphabet in your full name (first, middle, and last) by reducing each name to a single digit, then adding up the total and reducing that to a single digit.  – 1: A, J, S. 2: B, K, T. 3: C, L, U. 4: D, M, V. 5: E, N, W. 6: F, O, X. 7: G, P, Y. 8: H, Q, Z.9: I, R. This is the only number can be changed, played with, adjusted to make it compatible to other unchangeable numbers. We see a lot of people adding or deleting an extra alphabet in their name to make it compatible with their other numbers.

Sun Number: The sum of your birth date and month is your sun number. This does not change.

Personal Year Number: To determine the numerology personal year number, add together the Sun number and the current year (2023=7 for this year). For personal month number, add current month number (9 for September) to the personal year number. Each year you will have a different personal year number. 7 is the universal month number for September 2023.  (9+2023), 9 for September and 7 is the year number for 2023. For your personal month number for September 2023, add your Sun number to 7 (universal month number for September 2023) and see what the numbers have in store for you in September.

September 2023 numerology predictions:

1 /9

Number 1

You will be influenced by number 1 and 7 this September. Career wise, this month will be good and financially lucrative. Try not to overspend. Saving some part of your earnings is always a good idea. You might inherit property or a large sum of money this month. Health will be smooth except for some small ailments. Be careful in dealing with your partners to avoid any misunderstandings. Keep the communication clear. Families will bond well and if unmarried, it is a good time to tie the knot.

Favourable dates – 1, 10, 19, and 28.

2 /9

Number 2

You will be influenced by number 2 and 7 this September. Number 2 natives are likely to have an average month career wise. Some obstacle and hindrances might upset and delay your forecasts and targets. Your bosses might not be very understanding and might pressurise you unduly. Businesspeople need to be alert of their competitors. Finances might be less than expected causing anxiousness. Small health issues might bother you throughout the month. Relationships will be good this month and family will be supportive.

Favourable dates – 2, 11, 20 and 29.

3 /9

Number 3

The numbers influencing you this month will be 3 and 7. You are likely to be appreciated at work. Your superiors will acknowledge your hard work and your colleagues will look up to you. Businesses will grow and finances will be good. Past investments will yield good results. Number three students will pass their exams with flying colours. You might have small ups and downs in your health but nothing concerning is foretold. Be clear in your communication with your partners as some friction and misunderstanding are indicated. A good bonhomie with family members is indicated.

Favourable dates – 3, 12, 21, and 30.

4 /9

Number 4

The numbers influencing you this month are 4 and 7. Natives will have a good start career wise. Your colleagues will look up to you and your bosses will hold you in high esteem. Expect a promotion and increment early this month. Businesses will do well but you need to control your expenses. Travel related to work should be postponed as it might just be a waste of time and effort. You might suffer from sleeplessness. Workouts should take care of the insomnia. You need to be patient and caring in your relationships.

Favourable dates – 4, 13, 22, and 31.

5 /9

Number 5

The numbers influencing you this month are 5 and 7.  Luck will favour number 5 natives this month. Natives in job can expect a promotion, and the likelihood for a job change is high. Businesses are likely to grow and yield profits. Control extravagance and plan for your expenses. You will enjoy good health. Keep working towards keeping fit. A good camaraderie among family members is indicated. Couples desirous of having kids will get positive results and it is a good time for singles to tie the knot.

Favourable dates – 5, 14, and 23.

6 /9

Number 6

The numbers influencing you this month are 6 and 7. You will be at your creative best. Your ideas and your efforts will be well appreciated and rewarded. Your colleagues will look up to you and will be very supportive. Businesspeople will get success with the implementation of new ideas this month. Finances will be good but so will be the expenses. You might suffer from some stomach-related issues on the health front otherwise stable health is indicated. You will need to add spice in your relationships. Do different things to break the monotony of the routine.

Favourable dates – 6, 15, and 24.

7 /9

Number 7

This will be a special month for number 7 natives. The only number influencing you this month is number 7. This number is known as lucky because in the Bible it is stated that God created the world in 6 days and used the 7th day to rest. This number illustrates the idea of completeness. Your superiors will be appreciative of your commitment and dedication and you will be suitably rewarded. Businesses will increase and expand. Finances will be good, and you need to plan them well. It is a good time to invest your money. You will enjoy good health and be energetic and robust. The only deterrent might be stress in your relationships. Tread carefully and do not upset your near and dear ones.

Favourable dates – 7, 16, and 25.

8 /9

Number 8

Number 8 people will be influenced by numbers 8 and 7. You will win accolades at your work place. You will be very creative and enthusiastic towards your work. Business people will win over their competitors and do well. Financial gains are expected. Your family will be supportive and will be a source of pleasure. You need to take care of your health. Be mindful of overindulgence and do not lax in your exercising goals.

Favourable dates – 8, 17 and 26.

9 /9

Number 9

Number 9 natives will be influenced by numbers 7 and 9. You will have to work very hard to fulfil your ambitions this month and progress will be slow. Your colleagues might not be supportive and you need to be prepared to face opposition at work. Businesspeople need to save up as some losses are indicated. You need to eat healthy and focus on your physical wellbeing. You might have some friction with your partner. You need to give space and respect to others’ viewpoints and opinions. Do not nitpick with family members.

Favourable dates – 9, 18 and 27.

Your numerology predictions for September 2023

Deepa is a practising tarot card reader and an astrologer. A science graduate, and Jyotish post Visharad from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), she taught tarot and astrology at her alma mater for six years, and now teaches students online in India and globally. She enjoys playing golf and travelling.

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