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Chinese zodiac compatibility: These animals are the best match for you

The Chinese zodiac is pertinent in enlightening one about the personality traits corresponding to their birth animal. Apart from this, it’s also a valuable tool for determining the compatibility between two people. Therefore, Chinese zodiac compatibility is essential to help you learn about your relationship dynamics with others in 2023.

Just like Western astrology, some animal signs get along well, while others share a love-hate relationship. Knowing your Chinese zodiac compatibility can help predict how successful the ties between you and your other half will be. However, people still have complete control over who they choose to love.

Earlier, matchmakers used the Chinese zodiac compatibility to understand the entire landscape of an association, even between families. These findings can aid you in narrowing your choices when it comes to romantic relationships or simply mending the differences with your better half.

In a conversation with Women’s Health Magazine, Laura Lau, the co-author of The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes, rightly calls the Chinese zodiac compatibility a “double-check”, revealing that the signs ‘naturally bring out the best of each other’. However, Lau stresses that zodiac compatibility isn’t the end-all and be-all, but a means to better know yourself and your connections.

The 12 animal signs in the Chinese zodiac are believed to be compatible if they’re four years apart. However, the incompatibility looms at six years of distance. If you’re looking for a potential romantic partner, you may want to consider what astrology has in store for you. We’ve curated a list of the best matches for each sign to know if the relationship is worth their while.

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You guide to Chinese zodiac compatibility in 2023:

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Rat zodiac sign compatibility

Best match: Ox, Dragon, Monkey

Worst match: Horse, Rooster

People belonging to this zodiac sign are extremely charming, intelligent as well as optimistic who don’t get bogged down easily. When it comes to romance, they’re considered understanding, loyal and patient. They want someone who listens to them intently, is sincere and honest and doesn’t force their advice on them.

The Ox is a faithful sign, who forms an intimate and understanding bond with Rat. As for Dragon, they match Rat’s qualities of loyalty and faithfulness, while also respecting the latter’s personal space.

Lastly, the Rat and Monkey pairing helps in garnering immense wealth and happiness as they work best as a team.

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Ox zodiac sign compatibility

Best match: Rat, Snake, Rooster

Worst match: Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Sheep

People belonging to this sign are likely to have long-term associations that end up in marriage and are very balanced in relationships. While they might not be very expressive, they’re extremely devoted to their partners.

Since they always guard their emotions, they need a sign that gets them out of their shell. Ox’s partner should also have a high tolerance, as it’s a trait this sign lacks.

Ox gels well with Rat, which leads to a stronger bond. Meanwhile, the Snake and Ox are both competent in their areas of interest. Together they can navigate through life well and share responsibilities efficiently. Lastly, Rooster sticks with Ox through thick and thin, making a very desirable pair.

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Tiger zodiac sign compatibilty

Best match: Dragon, Horse, Pig

Worst match: Ox, Tiger, Snake, Monkey

People born in the year of Tiger enjoy being in love and their charming persona attracts many potential matches. While they’re considered lucky when it comes to romantic endeavours, their oversensitivity might scare people away.

Pig complements Tiger in all the right ways, making them feel safer and helping them avoid any hasty decisions. Horse and Tiger are extroverts and dynamic and end up loving each other’s company, in addition to being family oriented.

Lastly, Tiger and Dragon share similar life goals, coming across as each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Both the signs are career-driven, bold and clear about what they want.

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Rabbit zodiac sign compatibility

Best match: Sheep, Monkey, Dog, Pig

Worst match: Snake, Rooster

Rabbit is sensitive yet rational when it comes to romantic encounters. They practice self-control and hardly get infuriated with their partners. The sign usually gets highly dependent on their partner, which ultimately leaves them completely brokenhearted when things end.

Sheep and Rabbit have high chances of attraction at first sight, and they flourish in love by becoming more confident. On the other hand, Monkey enriches Rabbit’s life with passion and vigour.

Dog and Rabbit share similar traits of honesty and loyalty and also attract financial prosperity. As for Pig and Rabbit, they share the same expectations from life and also put up with their partner’s weaknesses.

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Dragon zodiac sign compatibility

Best match: Rooster, Rat, Monkey

Worst match: Ox, Sheep, Dog

People of this sign are honest, generous, and selfless. They like to develop a connection naturally rather than actively pursuing an individual. They prefer a long-term bond resulting in marriage rather than engaging in frivolous affairs.

This sign is known to be very witty, owing to which they can come across as arrogant. So, it’s only wise to not try to steal their limelight and retaliate. While Dragons prefer marital bonds, they don’t like people forcing them into the same.

Monkey and Dragon are both creative, romantic, and socially outgoing, leading to greater compatibility. Rat knows the Dragon sign extremely well and there’s mutual trust and encouragement which makes them an ideal pair.

As for Rooster, they help in furthering Dragon’s career, thereby improving their financial status.

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Snake zodiac sign compatibility

Best match: Dragon, Rooster

Worst match: Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Sheep, Pig

While people of this sign might come across as cold and indifferent on the outside, they’re actually very passionate and driven in matters of love. They need someone who understands them on a deeper level, one who’s honest and direct.

Dragon is very intelligent and can be of great help when it comes to business ventures. The signs together have a prosperous future and a strong relationship.

Rooster and Snake have common worlds, are equally ambitious and willing to learn from each other. Their commitment to family and friends is another binding factor.

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Horse zodiac sign compatibility

Best match: Tiger, Sheep

Worst match: Rat, Ox, Rooster, Horse

People born in the year of the Horse love their freedom, which means their significant other should be okay with granting space and alone time. They find it hard to follow the advice of others, so one must be incredibly careful while pursuing them.

Tiger is a very hospitable and amicable sign, which easily attracts Horse. They are known to have a harmonious relationship. Meanwhile, Sheep and Horse can never get enough of each other and always share a passionate and caring bond.

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Sheep (Goat/ Ram) zodiac sign compatibility

Best match: Rabbit, Horse, Pig

Worst match: Ox, Tiger, Dog

People of this sign are passive in matters of love, never conveying their feelings directly. So, if you’re looking for companionship with Sheep, encourage them to be more expressive, be vocal yourself and don’t pick up fights often.

Sheep and Rabit share mild temperaments which helps them navigate tense circumstances and therefore, they always have a peaceful relationship.

Being an optimistic sign, the Horse guides Sheep towards positivity. Lastly, Pig brings out the creative side of Sheep and the signs end up being great partners at work.

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Monkey zodiac sign compatibility

Best match: Ox, Rabbit

Worst match: Tiger, Pig

The Monkey sign’s optimistic and outgoing personality attracts many potential love interests. The sign needs someone who’s good at calming their mind and getting their impulses in control or someone who simply stays with them through their bad times. Their partners must not be controlling as restrictions draw the sign away.

The combination with Ox result in a blissful and harmonious life, especially for Monkey men. As for Rabbit and Monkey, the signs share common values of sticking through thick and thin. They not only have a successful career together but also a happy family.

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Rooster zodiac sign compatibilty

Best match: Ox, Snake

Worst match: Rat, Rabbit, Horse, Rooster, Dog

Romantic at heart, the Rooster sign craves an everlasting bond. They look for a secure partner who grants them enough space and freedom. They can be irritable in times of crisis. Therefore, their potential match must be patient and understanding enough for the relationship to prosper.

Rooster and Snake complement each other in terms of character, while Ox brings colour and vibrance to the sign’s erstwhile dull life.

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Dog zodiac sign compatibility

Best match: Rabbit

Worst match: Dragon, Sheep, Rooster

People of this sign are gentle, kind, loyal and basically everything that is required for a healthy relationship. They’re good at communicating their feelings even in the hardest times and possess a high level of patience.

They’re looking for a partner who gives them space, is patient when they take time to come to a decision and constantly encourages them as they lack confidence at times.

Their most compatible sign is Rabbit. Both are conservative and honest and have immense respect for each other, whether it’s in work or marriage. They also share each other’s sorrows and joys.

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Pig zodiac sign compatibility

Best match: Tiger, Rabbit, Sheep

Worst match: Snake, Monkey

People born in the year of the Pig have a high emotional quotient, however, they won’t blurt out their concerns to others easily. They’re very romantic and equally sensitive, so their partner should be ready for an emotional rollercoaster.

They are candid and tend to unintentionally hurt others with their remarks. Therefore, their partner should be very tolerant and patient.

Rabbit and Pig make a good couple as they coordinate well to achieve common goals. As for Sheep and Pig, the chances of conflicts are low resulting in a peaceful companionship. Lastly, Tiger and Pig look up to each other and try to imbibe their partner’s good qualities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which sign is the most compatible?

Answer: Each Chinese zodiac sign is compatible with another sign or several signs. For example, Rat sign is most compatible with Ox, Dragon, and Monkey.

Question: What are the compatibility numbers in numerology?

Answer: Numerology is based on a few numbers (from 1 to 9), each having distinctive characteristics. The compatibility can be checked based on these numbers.

Question: How far apart are Chinese zodiac signs?

Answer: The Chinese zodiac is a repeating cycle of 12 years, and each year is represented by a different animal.

Question: What are the 12 animal signs?

Answer: The 12 Chinese zodiac signs are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

Question: What are the Chinese zodiac signs?

Answer: Chinese astrology consists of 12 Chinese zodiac signs. They are important to get deep insights into one’s personality, love compatibility, career, fortune and more.

Chinese zodiac compatibility: These animals are the best match for you

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