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Lucky and unlucky colours for the charming, friendly and creative Libra

A cardinal air sign, Libra natives are intelligent individuals, who value partnership, unity and beauty above all. Owing to these traits, aesthetically pleasing pastels are considered the lucky colours for Libra, while bold and warm hues could prove unlucky and bring out the worst in them.

Colours play a big role in influencing zodiac signs’ moods, behaviour patterns, and personality in astrology. Naturally, every sun sign is governed by a particular hue which brings luck, peace, love and good fortune. The absence of these colours or the presence of some unfavourable ones may invite ill luck or obstacles.

Libra zodiac sign: Inherent traits and colour psychology

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Libra Zodiac Sign. Abstract night sky background

Individuals born between 23 September and 22 October are governed by the sun sign Libra. The zodiac sign falls in the seventh place on the wheel, which is very close to the centre. This is the first indication that Librans values balance more than anything. Secondly, the sign is represented by a pair of weighing scales and thirdly, it is associated with the Greek deity Themis, who is also known as the ‘Lady of Justice’. Hence, Librans are usually fair under all circumstances and often branded indecisive.

Ruled by the planet Venus, which stands for love and money, Libra natives want it all: an active social life, a high-flying career, monetary happiness and overall contentment. They are active, outdoorsy, charming and highly motivated individuals. The Libran energy is described as masculine and generally, their personalities go along very well with soft pastels and light colours.

The lucky colours for Libra represent the sign’s eclectic and magnetic persona dominated by elegance and style.

Lucky colours for Libra

White or beige

most lucky colours unlucky colours for libra zodiac sign
Image credit: Martin Widenka/Unsplash

White is the embodiment of peace and purity. It is also representative of air, Libra’s core element. This hue blends in well with this zodiac sign’s distinctive trait of remaining calm in all situations and striving for balance. This colour is also said to bring clarity in times of confusion.

White is also associated with freedom and positivity, another reason why individuals with this sun sign should wear it. Pristine and sophisticated, this is the luckiest colour for a Libran.

Light pink

unlucky colour for libra
Image: Courtesy of Madison Inouye/Pexels

The colour pink is associated with femininity, beauty and grace. The lighter shade of this hue is perfect for Librans, who like to dress up. The softness of this hue symbolises the non-confrontational nature of this sign.

Have an important job interview to crack or a promotion online? Wear light pink as this colour brings good luck and can help bring a goal to fruition.

Light blue

Image: Courtesy of Martin Péchy/Pexels

Another hue depicting contentment, coolness, serenity and equanimity, the lighter shade of blue suits the temperament of this likeable zodiac sign. In the rare case that this sign feels restless agitated or triggered, the presence of this calming shade can instantly elevate their mood.

There is a certain feel-good factor attached to the colour blue and the core Libran sensibility.


Image: Courtesy of Kelly Rabie /Pexels

Aesthetically pleasing and equally attractive as well as enigmatic, this pastel shade speaks to the art-loving Libran soul. Lavender is a colour belonging to the same colour palette as pink and hence, brings similar luck and power to Libra natives. It fills them with a sense of self-worth, empowerment and confidence. Hence, this sign is encouraged to wear lavender or include it in their home decor.

Unlucky colours for Libra


unlucky colours for libra
Image: Courtesy of Laker/Pexels

A warm colour representing the qualities of boldness and assertion, red often symbolises negative emotions like rage, impulsiveness and brashness. All of these qualities are opposite to this soft-spoken sign’s core temperament. Hence, they should avoid red, especially for important and auspicious occasions.


most lucky colours unlucky colours for libra zodiac sign black

Another strong hue, hue dominates the entire colour scheme. Black is associated with darkness and extreme negative emotions, which could spell misfortune, lack of social connections, dullness and doom for the Librans. It should also be avoided — be it in clothing or home furnishings — as it might encourage isolation.

(Hero and featured image credit: Daiga Ellaby/Unsplash)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

-What is a lucky colour for Libra?
White, beige, light pink and all shades of pastels are lucky for Libra.

-Can Libra wear gold?
It is recommended that Librans avoid wearing gold as this is a warm colour, which does not match the cool temperament of this zodiac and can irritate their sensibilities.

-Who will a Libra marry?
Librans are compatible with other air signs Gemini and Aquarius, as well as the water sign of Pisces.

-Is black unlucky for Libra?
Yes, black is considered an unlucky colour for Libra as it spells doom and misfortune for them.

Lucky and unlucky colours for the charming, friendly and creative Libra

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