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Your lucky birthstone for July, according to the Chinese zodiac

The significance of birthstones reverberates across the globe even today, with many people entrusting these gems to be their ultimate good luck charms. Whether it’s soothing the mind, body, and soul, warding off negative energies or ushering prosperity and wealth into your life – birthstones help you flourish immensely. You’ll also find a slew of celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively and even Kate Middleton flaunting these powerful gemstones from time to time. In Chinese astrology, each month is associated with a lucky gemstone which enhances the wearer’s personality. As we usher into the month of July, let’s find out which lucky birthstone is perfect for people born in this month.

All July-born folks have two lucky birthstones at their disposal: Carnelian and emerald. Those born on or before July 5 should wear carnelian, while people whose birthdays fall after July 5 can trust emerald to attract good luck. We’ve curated a detailed guide about the benefits, history, and significance of July birthstones.

July birthstones: History and significance


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The glimmering reddish-orange carnelian dates back over 4,500 years. While ancient Egyptian and Sumerian craftsmen moulded it for ornamental purposes, Romans and Greeks used it in carved figurines. Other civilizations also included it in their religious practices, art and symbolic representations. Even today, you’ll find carnelian artefacts in museums across the world.

Like a flash of a fiery sunset, carnelian has a captivating energy which fuels love, passion and desire. It’s an inexpensive gemstone which is usually cut into cabochons or used for beads. You’ll often spot it in antique jewellery pieces. Trust the carnelian to be your lucky birthstone and protective talisman in times of grave troubles, especially for those born in July.


green emerald
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Worn and patronised by the affluent class and royals since time immemorial, the emerald is of the most precious gemstones known to mankind. The Mughal Emperors of India were extremely fond of this vibrant green stone, while both Egyptians and Greeks reaped the benefits of its healing properties. Legend has it that the Egyptian Empress Cleopatra loved emerald so much that she took charge of all emerald mines in the country. Even the Greek philosopher Aristotle approved of emerald’s benefits in communication and speech.

Whether it’s emerald’s unmistakable colour or positive vibrations, the stone is a true object of desire till today. Epitomising love and fidelity, emerald finds its place in engagement rings and even bracelets, pendants as well as necklaces. So, if you’re looking to attract love, hope and wisdom into your life, emerald is your lucky charm.

Benefits of July birthstones


Boosts love life: Often referred to as the ‘love talisman’, carnelian imbues your relationships with passion and romance. It fosters deep emotional connections with your partner and if you’re single, it even helps you attract your soulmate.

Promotes positivity: By releasing emotions like anger, resentment and envy, the gemstone promotes positivity in life. By cleansing your emotional baggage, carnelian further stimulates creativity and enhances motivation.

Meditative stone: Carnelian also helps with meditation and healing. Wearing or keeping it close during your meditative practices aids in healing from traumas.

Promotes productivity and focus: If you feel you’re lacking the motivation or energy to fulfil your professional commitments, keep the carnelian in your workspace. The stone aids in learning as well as memory improvement, thereby fostering your growth.


Brings wisdom and intellect: Emerald boosts knowledge, intelligence and sharpens the mind. It’s beneficial for people with low self-esteem, stage fright, and fear of public speaking. Once you wear the stone, you’ll definitely witness its role in upscaling the imaginative power of the brain.

Boosts creativity: If you’re seeking to cement your place in any creative field, trust emerald to work wonders for you. It helps in ideating thoughts in a nuanced way, polishing linguistic skills and expanding the horizons of the mind.

Helps in gaining fame: Did you know that Queen Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth carried the emerald in their jewellery collection? This is one of the reasons why emeralds got the reputation of being a royal stone. Since then, it is known to bring fame and success to people in their desired direction.

Marital harmony: If you’re going through a rough patch in your relationship, the harmonious energies exuded by emerald can help you out. Emerald helps in stimulating understanding and positivity between couples, thereby promoting marital bliss.

Types of July birthstones


The semi-precious quartz is available in a variety of hues ranging from pale orange, rich reddish-orange to deep reddish-brown. Its three main types are the Raw Carnelian, Tumbled Carnelian as well as Natural Carnelian.

  • Raw carnelian: As the name suggests, this variety is neither tumbled nor polished. Despite having many imperfections, the stone is very versatile. The best way to harness the benefits of the raw carnelian is to display it in your home and invite positive energies into your living space.
  • Tumbled carnelian: The polished carnelian variety is a result of treating the stone via a tumbling machine. The machine gently removes all the sharp edges, giving the stone a well-rounded shape.
  • Natural carnelian: It comprises both raw carnelian and stones that haven’t been tampered in any way. Natural carnelian is free of any artificial polishing, dye as well as tumbling.


The king of the gem family, emerald’s value is ascertained by its colour. They are apparently 20 times rarer than diamonds and therefore command a hefty price. Let’s take you through the six main types of emerald:

Brazilian emerald: First discovered in Brazil back in the 1920s, these yellowish-green stones are known for their clarity. The lighter tone of this emerald allows more light to pass through, thereby making it more attractive. 

Zambian emerald: Mined from Zambia, this variety boasts a rich deep green hue. However, they aren’t the smoothest emeralds on the market. This emerald type contains flakes of minerals that get entrapped during the formation process.

Colombian emerald: Colombia has the most revered as well as exquisite emerald variety. If you’re a gemstone connoisseur, these rare offerings are a must-have in your collection.

Trapiche Emerald: The rarest emerald variety, trapiche is available in very few Colombian mines. The impurities of shale that radiate from this gemstone look extremely stunning. 

Cat’s eye emerald: Famous for its size as well as transparency, this variety has a very unique feature, which is the glowing line throughout the stone. This optical effect is what we call chatoyance or the cat’s eye effect.

Lab-grown emerald: These artificial offerings are created using equipment that perfectly replicates the natural formation process. As there’s no limit to their supply, they come at a much pocket-friendly price. 

We hope these lucky birthstones bring good luck and prosperity to all born in July!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the lucky birthstone for July?

Answer: All July-born folks have two lucky birthstones at their disposal– Carnelian and Emerald.

Question: What colour is the July birthstone?

Answer: While emerald is a vibrant green stone, Carnelian boasts a glimmering reddish-orange hue.

Your lucky birthstone for July, according to the Chinese zodiac

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