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Lucky birthstones for September born according to Chinese zodiac

Feeling disoriented or distressed in life? Trust your birthstone to ease your well-being and channel all positive energies your way. While these precious gemstones would’ve definitely appeased your senses with their stunning hues and shapes, they’re way more than just beautiful embellishments and have the power to heal your soul. From keeping negative energies at bay and showering you with good luck and health to boosting your fortune and reigniting your love life – birthstones have countless benefits. While most of you might know what your lucky birthstone is, not many are aware of the advantages it brings. So, as we welcome September, let’s familiarise you with the significance, history and uses of the lucky birthstone associated with this month.

People born in September are blessed with two lucky birthstones – pink halite and citrine. People born on or before 5 September should resort to pink halite to attract positive energies. On the other hand, those whose birthdays fall on or after 6 September should trust citrine to be their guiding light. Here’s everything you need to know about the September birthstones.

September birthstone: History and significance

Pink halite

lucky september birthstones chinese zodiac pink halite crystals properties
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Coming from the halite family, pink halite is a rock salt that gets its colour tainted from bacteria of various algae species. The stone is found in large deposits near oceans and salt lakes, occurring in delicate, cube-shaped structures. Some of the most famous pink halite deposits are in the Himalayas as well as Searles Lake, an endorheic dry in California, USA.

The stone has long been used for meditative purposes, instantly uplifting one’s spirits as well as providing a sense of stability. Since halite is a natural form of salt, ancient Egyptians used pink halite to cleanse wounds. In Chinese culture it was used to relieve pain. It’s still used in many ways to promote healing and health.


lucky september birthstones chinese zodiac citrine jewellery benefits
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The beautiful orange-hued citrine was widely used for ornamental purposes centuries ago. Ancient Greek and Scottish men used it as a decorative embellishment on the handles of daggers and swords. Meanwhile, Romans fashioned it in beautiful jewellery and intaglio work.

Citrine was long revered for its rarity, however, a key discovery in the mid 18th century gave way to the stone’s artificial production and it became very abundant and affordable in the market. Today, it’s a budget-friendly stone used massively in women’s jewellery as well as men’s cufflinks and rings. Citrine also radiates positive energy, which is why it is called the ‘success stone’. While the majority of modern-day citrine comes from Brazil, places like the Ural Mountains of Russia, France and Madagascar also have natural deposits.

Benefits of September birthstones

Pink Halite

Stone of clarity: The stone assists anyone suffering from a foggy mind and drained mental energy by pushing them in one direction. It helps one take pride in their decisions and find joy in difficult situations.

Promotes peace and well-being: The calming energies of the salts in pink halite make it an excellent crystal for prayer as well as meditation. It carries a gentle and nurturing energy which is great for emotional healing. The stone is like a warm, fuzzy hug to your soul that helps you feel safe.

Mending relationships: By promoting compassion and forgiveness, pink halite aids in repairing and strengthening bonds with close ones. It also fosters a healthy relationship with oneself, promoting self-love.

Boosts restful night’s sleep: Can’t get a sound sleep after a tedious day? Trust pink halite to ease your bedtime routine. Its purifying properties cleanse and replenish your energy field, which instils feelings of relaxation and calmness that help you sleep better.


Overcoming mental roadblocks: Carrying the power of the sun in its yellow hues, citrine acts as a powerful cleanser and regenerator. It helps overcome fears, depression and phobia, making way for an optimistic-looking future. By removing mental impediments, it promotes clarity of thought and stimulates intellectual activities.

Smoothening discords: By balancing your emotions and helping you keep your feelings under control, citrine encourages the acceptance of constructive criticism and instils calmness in challenging situations. So, when you listen to others rather than cutting their words, the chances of discord within your family or friends group lessen.

Curtails anger: Gloom, fury and destructive tendencies don’t exist around citrine. The stone acts as an early warning system so that one protects themselves before it’s too late. It imparts joy to those who behold it, further making you flexible and open to new experiences.

Stone of wealth: Citrine helps in acquiring and retaining wealth. It’s also important in feng shui for attracting abundance and prosperity, with people often placing it next to their workstations, near financial documents or cash registers. In addition to helping you attract wealth, citrine safeguards against unruly desires and spendthrift habits.

Types of September birthstones

Pink halite

Pink halite or pink Himalayan salt occurs in ancient salt deposits. These naturally occurring stones are carefully hand-mined and further moulded into various shapes for different purposes. Since pink halite is itself a type of halite, there aren’t any further bifurcations. You can find the best quality pink halite in the Himalayas as well as the Searles Lake located deep in the desert of California.


Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz, which occurs in a sunshiny range of colours from yellow and golden tones to bright orange and deep orangish-red hues. Take a look at the five major types of citrine:

  • Yellow citrine: Also called lemon citrine, this is a very commonly occurring type of stone having high chemical impurities. It’s remarkably similar in appearance to Topaz. It helps boost energy, willpower and brings about focus.
  • Golden citrine: This is a triangular gemstone that stimulates the mind and the body to work in tandem and achieve perfection in every task one undertakes.
  • Madeira citrine: The most sought-after citrine type, its colour ranges from a bright pumpkin orange to dark orangish red. If you’re looking to imbue your life with positivity and put forth your best performance, trust Madeira. 
  • Fire citrine: Occurring in a deep red-orange hue, this citrine type is available in Brazil’s Linha Estefania Mine. It has rejuvenating properties that cleanse your aura and calm the pressure and noise around you.
  • Palmeria Citrine: This bright orange gemstone helps keep your emotions in check. It makes you feel better about yourself by keeping anger as well as bad feelings at bay.

Hong Kong has a pool of e-commerce platforms for all your gemstone needs. OmsaAll About You, and Moon Conversations are some of the best websites to grab your pick.

September-born folks, it’s time to harness the benefits of your lucky birthstone.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the lucky birthstone for September?

Pink halite, as well as citrine, are the lucky birthstones for September.

  • What colour is the September birthstone?

Pink halite is a type of rock salt boasting a beautiful pink colour. On the other hand, citrine can occur in orange, yellow, as well as brown tones.

Lucky birthstones for September born according to Chinese zodiac

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