Fall is a season governed by scents. Think warm spices, pumpkins, petrichor, and the richness of the earth. This change of the scents isn’t just limited to the turn of the seasons, it is also a reason for you to update your fragrance wardrobe with a fall-appropriate fragrance. Plus, these bottles make a stunning addition to your perfume shelf, and if you don’t already have one, it’s time to make one.

This Fall/Winter 2019, perfumers are embracing rich, deep notes that embody the season and we’ve rounded up some of our favourite upcoming perfumes below.

Bottega Veneta Illusione For Her

Bottega Veneta’s new Illusione fragrance grounds itself on the heritage and raw materials found In Italy, evoking a journey around the nation. A masculine and feminine version was released, and the house’s For Her fragrance is a balancing act between wood and citrus, with bergamot and blackcurrant leading the nose to the lushness of green fig and orange blossom, before mellowing out into olive wood on the skin.


Mademoiselle Rochas

Parisian perfumery, Rochas, has made its much-anticipated debut in Singapore with their latest scent, Mademoiselle Rochas. Paying tribute to their signature scent from the ’60s, Madame Rochas, this reinvention captures the scent of a Parisian woman’s playful spirit, according to perfumer Anne Flipo. It’s definitely a fruity expression, with blackcurrant and candied apples that segue into rose and jasmine, with a touch of sandalwood to ground the sugary blend.

Louis Vuitton Coeur Battant

Louis Vuitton extends its minimalistic fragrance collection with its 10th perfume, Couer Battant, which translates to “beating heart”. Inspired by the breaking of dawn, and the energy that comes with it, perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud decided to compose Couer Battant with pear and ambrette seed for vivacity. Egyptian jasmine, as as well patchouli contribute to the depth and freshness of this scent, making it linger on the skin, very much like the rays of a sunrise.

L'eau d'Issey Rose & Rose

Rose can be a scent for the fall too, and Issey Miyake Parfum’s new L’eau d’Issey Rose & Rose articulates how. Imbued with Bulgarian rose, osmanthus, and cashmeran, this floral perfume is anything but a sweet bouquet — instead, it is sensuality bottled.

Floraïku Ao

Luxury perfumer Floraïku is inspired by Japanese culture, and its latest, Ao, turns to incense, the sky and the sea for its blueprint. This scent is all heady velvet, with fig, tonka bean and myrrh oil giving the perfume the creamy, earthy gravitas that fans of intensely woody scents will flock to.

Dior Spice Blend

François Demachy, Dior’s perfumer, found inspiration for their new Spice Blend scent from his childhood memories, where he would look at the medicine cabinet and be piqued by the bottle of Bay Rum lotion his father used. That impression led him to piece together a spicy scent that nails the mood of the fall season on the head, with cinnamon and rum forming the body of this perfume that comforts the wearer like a hot toddy.

Beatrice Bowers
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