Wanting your hair to always look as good as it does after a trip to the salon is asking the impossible. There’s just no way your mane can stay silky and straight or voluminous with beach-ready curls for long, especially in our tropical weather. Humidity and a good hairdo do not mix, period.

This plight, however, is no cause for you to hire a personal hair stylist to attend to your every call (unless you can afford it, then, by all means, live the dream). Investing in proper, pro-grade styling tools for your vanity are the easiest ticket to forcing your hair to be on its best behaviour for the day to come. All it takes is a little know-how and some extra time in the morning to get ready. Looking like Beyoncé is worth waking up half an hour earlier, trust.

We’ve chipped through the technical jargon and user reviews to find the top hair styling tool from the common categories — curling iron, straightener, styling brush and hairdryer. Here’s your new list.