Maintaining body hair can be a bit of a hassle for us who choose to go bare. It is a time-consuming ordeal comprising endless razors or waxing strips and appointments at the salon, and rarely does it end when the hair is gone — thank you, ingrown hairs.

With the influx of light and laser hair removal treatments nowadays, eliminating fuzz has become an easier and more permanent affair than it was a decade ago. The invention of IPL is right at the forefront of new-age hair removal techniques, and it has taken over so much that bringing a razor to your hair follicles in the shower seems almost archaic.

IPL is short for Intense Pulse Light treatments, which uses a broad spectrum of light to remove hair semi-permanently, or permanently, after multiple sessions. Shots of light are administered to your follicles, a light so strong that it converts to heat that damages the bulb of the hair. It does sting, but not unbearable. Modern IPL systems also have integrated cooling functions or painless options to help ease any discomfort.

For those seeking long-term hair removal options, IPL has evolved into the default, so we round up some of the top hair removal salons in Singapore that offer the service.