Any skincare routine is built on the foundation of three key products: face wash, moisturiser and sun care. Most of you guys have got step one down pat (though we pray you’re not doubling up body soap for your face as well). The next commitment you ought to make is a moisturiser because one simple product can go the distance when it comes to maintaining skin health in the long run.

Think of moisturisers as your baseline guard against skin irritation, because it keeps your complexion balanced and hydrated, mitigating textural issues like dry patches that cause discomfort. They also help manage sebum levels so your face doesn’t over-produce oil, which, in turn, helps keep breakouts at bay because your skin grease doesn’t become a thriving bacteria farm. In short, moisturisers are very good for you. Buy them.

Before you get perturbed by the sheer amount there are on the market and begin questioning which is the brand for you, whether you need one for daytime use as well as nighttime, take a breath. We’ve done all the legwork by rounding up the best men’s moisturisers on the market, pairing each to specific skin types to take the strain off shopping. Each of our product picks is also versatile enough to be used round the clock. A healthy complexion has never been easier.